April 13, 2021

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Telemark Group Training Rules (in plain language!) Update Feb 8th!

Before you Arrive Once per season Athletes and Parents must fill out and sign the CCBC online Participant Agreement acknowledging their acceptance of the risks (you can verify if you … [Read More...]

Results from the Individual and Sprint TT

Hi Everyone! Good work with all of the time trials over the past 2 weeks. Between the cross country and biathlon events, we've had five(5!) different time trials since Jan 23rd. This racing block is … [Read More...]

Results from Team Sprint & Race Series Points list

Congratulations to everyone who was racing hard in the team sprint, and thank you to all the volunteer parent coaches who made the event possible! Team sprints are fun events, and although we had some … [Read More...]

December 20 Candy Cane Cup Results

A little late, but here are the results from the Candy Cane Cup on Dec 20! A big thank you goes out to all the coaches and parent/volunteers who made the event a success. Following out Covid-Protocols … [Read More...]

October 11 Turkey TT Results

Great effort to everyone who came out for our Pre-Thanksgiving dinner time trial. Results from the time Trial are below! … [Read More...]

Updated Return to Sport Plan

Hi Everyone, We have updated our return to sport plan. Details are below. Please review the plan and ask coach Chris if you have any questions. Telemark Biathlon RETURN TO SPORT PHASE 3 & … [Read More...]

Telemark Nordic Club will host an NCCP Biathlon Community Silver Coaching workshop

Telemark is pleased to offer an NCCP Biathlon Community Coaching Silver course. The Silver coaching course provides practical, sport-specific, technical information required to help new coaches help … [Read More...]

NCCP Coaching Workshop (CCI-L2T Dryland) Oct 2-4, 2020

NCCP Competition Coach Introduction (CCI-L2T) - Dryland Cross Country Skiing Workshop  Oct 2-4, 2020 Telemark Nordic Club - Kelowna The NCCP L2T (Dryland) Cross Country Skiing Workshop is the … [Read More...]

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