May 13, 2021


Hello everyone! We will be hosting an information zoom session for those interested in joining the Telemark Biathlon programs for next season. I’d like to invite athletes and parents who are interested to attend a Zoom meeting on Wednesday May 5th at 7:30pm. Please join in if you are interested in learning about joining biathlon for next season!

Telemark Summer Biathlon Meeting May 5th 7:30pm

Topic: Telemark Summer Biathlon Meeting 

Time: May 5, 2021 07:30 PM Vancouver

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 783 5231 0502Passcode: 4RjGaZ

Results from the Individual and Sprint TT

Hi Everyone! Good work with all of the time trials over the past 2 weeks. Between the cross country and biathlon events, we’ve had five(5!) different time trials since Jan 23rd. This racing block is in the books and now we have a few weeks of rest and skill development! Below are the results from the Individual on Jan 24th and the Sprint race from Jan 30th. Click Here to see the results from the BCST Time trials!

Jan 24 Individual Race
Jan 30 Sprint Race

Thank you to all the parents and coaches who worked hard to make the races a success!

Results from Team Sprint & Race Series Points list

Congratulations to everyone who was racing hard in the team sprint, and thank you to all the volunteer parent coaches who made the event possible! Team sprints are fun events, and although we had some alterations due to COVID, they went smoothly! The results from Sunday are below!

L2C Team Sprint Results
T2T Team Sprint Results

Candy Cane Cup Rankings – Biathlon

As part of our race series, everyone earned points for the races that they entered. Eligible races were both the cross country and biathlon races that were part of the Candy Cane Cup. Points were earned based on your placings in the Candy Cane cups. Athletes were only ranked within their “class”. For instance, if you did a cross country Candy Cane Cup, and only skied 1 lap of the course, you would only be ranked against the other who only skied one lap. If you did a biathlon Candy Cane Cup and shot prone targets off of a rest, you were only ranked against others who shot prone targets off a rest. The more races entered, the higher the points! We’ll use the same point system for the Telemark Cups this winter! There were some really close results!

Points per placing
L2C Candy Cane Cup Points List
T2T Candy Cane Cup Points List

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Candy Cane Cup series!

December 20 Candy Cane Cup Results

A little late, but here are the results from the Candy Cane Cup on Dec 20! A big thank you goes out to all the coaches and parent/volunteers who made the event a success. Following out Covid-Protocols make events much more time consuming, but the smiles on everyone’s faces were worth it. This was a fun event and was a great day of racing to hone our skills. Each new race is a new chance to test ourselves!

Learn to Compete Super Sprint Qualifier:

2020 Candy Cane Cup Super Sprint Qualifier 2.5km

Learn to Compete Super Sprint/reverse-start-pursuit Final (ordered by fastest final time):

Candy Cane Cup Super Sprint Final 4.2km

Train to Train Mass-Individual Start event (ordered by fastest finish time):

Candy Cane Cup Mass-Individual Start 3.3km

Don’t forget to check out the results from the Nordic Candy Cane Cups here:

Telemark Group Training Rules (in plain language!) Update Feb 8th!

Before you Arrive

  • Once per season Athletes and Parents must fill out and sign the CCBC online Participant Agreement acknowledging their acceptance of the risks (you can verify if you have already done this by clicking on the confirmation list) AND complete the Biathlon BC Participant agreement
  • Before Every Training Session All individuals have completed the online self-assessment tool
  • 19+ Age Programs are temporarily Suspended (As of Dec 3rd)

Arrival and Departure at Telemark

  • Masks are to be worn from the car to the Group Rally Point (cross country ski practice) and Vice-versa. Biathlon Practice Rally Points is at the range. A buff is not an acceptable mask substitute. Hand Sanitizer is also required to be carried by athletes
  • No equipment is shared (this includes gloves, armbands, scopes etc); skiers should carry their own water
  • The Telemark Programs have staggered start times to avoid large groups

Practice Rally Points

Each group will meet at a different rally point prior to the start of each practice 

  • L2C at the Timing Hut; Boo’s Trail
  • T2T at the Finish Sprint Hill; Krar Hill (aka the “sugar bump”)
  • Track Attack at the Sprint Course Sign; Elliot Hill
  • Biathlon Practices: Biathlon Range

Physical Distance

  • Program Participants need to maintain a minimum of 3 meters distance from each other unless masked (Updated December 3rd)
  • Physical Contact is to be avoided

Group Size

  • Maximum Youth Athletes in a Ski Program Group is 12
  • Maximum Adult Athletes in a Ski Program (outdoor sport) Group is 4. This number includes the coach. (Updated Feb 8th)
    • Adult Sport is considered 22 Years of age or older.
  • Some groups require additional support from parents to help encourage our rules. We should try to avoid more than 1 parent for every 4 skiers
  • Group list:
    • L2C Ski Group: Francis, Clair, Ian, Garrett, Nathan, Finn, Evan, Breagh, Alessia, Alex R, Oliver G, Timur.
    • L2C-1/T2T-2 Bridge Program Ski Group: Camille, Cathrine, Kaelin, Rowan MB (Option of Thursday with L2C for the intensity workout) 
    • T2T-2 Ski Group: Lauren, Caitlyn M, Aya, Chloe Sylvie, Mika, Tyler.
    • T2T-1 Ski Group:  Kai, Thomas, Rowan B, Jasmine, Sophie, Tayte, Anna, Seth, Ayla, Nathan M. Eric
    • L2C Biathlon group: Alex R., Oliver, Timur, Enzo, Camille, Catherine
    • T2T Biathlon group: Tayte, Anna, Sophie, Jasmine, Tyler, Mika

Shooting Practices

  • Mats scopes and ropes should be assigned to one athlete for the duration of practice
  • Every other lane must be left vacant to ensure physical distancing (Updated December 3rd)
  • Each athlete much have their own rifle rack (Updated December 3rd)
  • Mats and Scopes must be sanitized after each user
  • A maximum of 3 people, wearing masks, are allowed in the “Fort” at one time
  • A maximum of one person is allowed in the “Shed” and “Hut” at one time
  • All coaches and parent helpers are required to wear masks while on the range.


  • Carpooling is not permitted (Updated December 3rd)
  • Van use and Car shuttling are not permitted
  • Cross-Regional and Inter-Provincial Travel are not currently permitted


  • Coach ensures that athletes have been screened for Covid Symptoms
  • A Record of Participants is Maintained
  • Coach reminds athletes of the rules at the beginning of the session

If you get Sick

  • Athletes are required to inform their head coach if they get sick immediately
  • Positive Covid test results are required to be shared with the athlete’s head coach immediately

October 11 Turkey TT Results

Great effort to everyone who came out for our Pre-Thanksgiving dinner time trial. Results from the time Trial are below!

Updated Return to Sport Plan

Hi Everyone, We have updated our return to sport plan. Details are below. Please review the plan and ask coach Chris if you have any questions.


For all individuals participating in biathlon (training, workshops, office work, etc.), if you choose to participate, you must follow these rules:

  1. If you don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay home.
  2. If you have traveled outside of Canada, you must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.
  3. If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay home.
  4. Wash your hands before participating.
  5. Bring your own equipment, water bottle and hand sanitizer.
  6. Do not share food or beverages.
  7. Avoid physical contact with others, including shaking hands, high fives, etc.
  8. Leave the field of play or facility as quickly as possible after you finish.


  1. All individuals must have a current Biathlon BC membership.
  2. All individuals have signed a Participant Agreement acknowledging their acceptance of the risks. 
  3. All individuals must complete a COVID-19 self-assessment, (e.g. using this online self-assessment tool), on a daily basis before arriving.
  4. Coaches and administrators must be familiar with the Illness Policy.
  5. Consider your own risk.  If you are at higher risk of experiencing serious illness from COVID-19, consider limiting or avoiding participation for the time being.
  6. If you start to feel mildly ill while participating, inform the person in charge (e.g., coach), sanitize your hands, go straight home, and complete a COVID-19 self-assessment.  If severely ill (e.g., difficulty breathing, chest pain) have the person call 911.  (And that person should ensure the cleaning and disinfecting of any surfaces that you have come into contact with.) 
  7. If you have any health and safety concerns, inform the person in charge and/or the Biathlon BC office administrator

First Aid

In the event that first aid is required to be administered during an activity, all persons attending to the injured individual must first put on a mask and gloves.  WorkSafe BC has provided a guide for employers and Occupational First Aid Attendants to follow. First aid protocols for an unresponsive person during COVID-19 have been developed by the Canadian Red Cross. The first aid kit is located in the Fort.

Outbreak Plan

If any individual reports they are suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 and have been at the workplace/activity place, inform the Coach and/or Biathlon BC office administrator.  They will then execute the following Outbreak Procedure:

  1. Immediately shut down all biathlon program activities.
  2. Club officials must notify Interior Health and Biathlon BC immediately.
  3. All club members and program participants must be notified of the outbreak and agree to follow the direction from Public Health Officials.

Phase 3 Group Training Cohorts

Telemark biathlon will form cohorts among our programs to ensure that there is minimal contact between individuals, while at the same time allowing for more realistic biathlon training to occur. During specific practice activities, 2m physical distancing will not be mandatory, however coaches should strive to plan activities to maintain 2m distance between participants as much as possible.

Warming huts, wax rooms, changing rooms and team vans are examples that not considered part of practice activities because participants are not at these locations while performing sport specific activities. If 2m physical distancing can’t be maintained during these non-sport specific activities, masks should be worn. Telemark biathlon cohorts may include up to 100 people, although only 50 people may be present at one time.

Phase 3 Telemark Group Training Cohorts

  • Coaches should still plan to minimize contact during designated practice activities.
  • Athletes within cohorts are still required 2m physical distancing outside of designated practice activities.
  • Telemark Biathlon programs will be composed of the following cohorts:
    • Biathlon Advanced (Learn to Compete) program registrants
    • Biathlon Development (Train to Train) program registrants
    • Biathlon Bears (all bears) program registrants
    • Recreation Biathlon Registrants

Phase 3 Group Training Protocols (non-range activities)

  1. In addition to below, comply with above General Rules.  
  2. Coaches are to remind all participants of the rules at the beginning of each day.
  3. Outdoor activities are best, and are structured so physical distancing of 2m is maintained.
  4. Sanitation supplies are available as needed, or participants are informed if they are required to bring their own. 
  5. The maximum group size is 50, but realistically needs to be smaller for effective/safe group training.
  6. A record of participants is maintained.
  7. If indoor facilities are used (e.g., gym), follow all additional facility directives in place.
  8. Sharing equipment is to be avoided.  If exercise equipment must be shared (e.g., training surfaces, balls, weights etc.), it should only be done within a cohort. 
  9. Any shared equipment must be cleaned/disinfected at the end of each practice, or if used by a different cohort.  
  10. Group transportation (e.g. Car Shuttles) is permitted provided everyone in the vehicle wears a face mask.
  11. Masks and gloves are available in case first-aid is required.  Coaches have trained themselves on the proper use of masks.  
  12. Coaches should ensure adequate supervision so that rules are followed, with reminders as needed.
  13. Any training camps should comply with Biathlon BC’s Phase 3 Training Camp Protocols.
  14. Any travel to away events (races, camps etc.), should Comply with Biathlon BC’s Phase 3 Travel Protocols.

Phase 3 Group Training Protocols (range activities)

  1. In addition to below, comply with above General Rules.  
  2. In addition to below, comply with above Phase 3 Group Training (non – range activities) Protocols.
  3. Shooting mats, lanes, target reset boxes/ropes and rifle racks may be shared within cohorts. This equipment must be cleaned/disinfected after each session, and before use by a different cohort. Individuals may choose not to share racks/mats.
  4. Equipment that touches an individual’s face such as spotting scopes and rifles is assigned to one individual for the duration of a session. This equipment must be cleaned/disinfected at the end of a session, or before a different individual is permitted to use it. 
  5. Designated times for set-up and teardown should be implemented as necessary to avoid groups or cohorts from overlapping.
  6. These recommendations also apply to any dryfiring activities.

Phase 3 Training Facilities/Operations Protocols

  1. All Telemark Nordic Club’s protocols for use of the facilities (e.g.: clubhouses, shooting ranges, equipment rooms, flex rooms, wax rooms, washrooms etc.) are followed. 
  2. Physical distancing (2m) must remain in place at all times within the facility. If this is not possible, masks should be worn.
  3. The Fort must have COVID-19 safety protocol signage in place.
  4. Masks must be worn inside the Fort if more than 1 person is inside.
  5. Only 1 person at a time is allowed in the Shed and Hut.
  6. All common touchpoints in the Fort, Shed and Hut (e.g., door handles, light switches, workstations etc.) are disinfected after each practice.
  7. Cleaning frequency is documented in a log.
  8. Hand sanitizer stations are provided for participants in multiple locations.
  9. Group sizes do not exceed 50 individuals.
  10. Communal sitting areas are avoided or sanitized between uses.

A maximum of 3 people, wearing masks, will be permitted inside the “Fort” at one time. Only one person is permitted inside the “Hut” and “Shed” at one time.

All club activities abide by local directives, including, but not limited to AGMs, Board Meetings, fundraisers, facility rentals and events


In this policy, “Team member” includes an employee, coach, volunteer, participant or parent/spectator. 

  1. Inform an individual in a position of authority (e.g., coach) immediately if, you feel any symptoms of COVID-19 such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat and painful swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and loss of appetite.  
  2. Assessment
    1. Team members must complete the online self-assessment tool each morning before their activity to attest that they are not feeling any of the COVID 19 symptoms.
    2. Coaches/Managers may visually monitor team members to assess any early warning signs as to the status of their health and to touch base on how they are regarding their personal safety throughout the activity.
  3. If a Team Member is feeling sick with COVID-19 symptoms
    1. They should remain at home and contact Health Link BC at 8-1-1.
    2. If they feel sick and /or are showing symptoms during the activity, they should be sent home immediately and contact 8-1-1 or a doctor for further guidance.
    3. No Team Member may participate in an activity if they are symptomatic. 
  4. If a Team Member tests positive for COVID-19
    1. Follow the directions of Public Health Officials.
  5. If a Team Member has been tested and is waiting for the results of a COVID-19 Test
    1. Follow the directions of Public Health Officials.
  6. Quarantine or Self-Isolate if:
    1. You have travelled outside of Canada or the province within the last 14 days.
    2. You have come into close contact with someone who has tested (+) for COVID-19.
    3. You have been advised to do so by Public Health Officials.

Telemark Nordic Club will host an NCCP Biathlon Community Silver Coaching workshop

Telemark is pleased to offer an NCCP Biathlon Community Coaching Silver course. The Silver coaching course provides practical, sport-specific, technical information required to help new coaches help run club practices for community (recreational) and development (e.g.: Biathlon Bears) programs.


Telemark Nordic Club, 4425 Glenrosa Road, West Kelowna BC V4T 1V9

Glenrosa Middle School, 2974 Glen Abbey Pl, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2N1


Saturday Nov 7 – 8:30-18:30


This course is designed to help train new coaches in order to help run club-based biathlon programs. No experience previous experience racing, participating or coaching biathlon is required. Parents, supporters and athletes who will be coaching biathlon are strongly encouraged to enroll!


This course will split time been a classroom-based setting and “in the field” technical instruction. The classroom portion will be conducted in the Telemark Nordic Club main lodge. Shooting technique instruction will take place at the Telemark Biathlon Range, and ski technique instruction will take place at Glenrosa Middle School.


  1. All registrants must be members of Biathlon Canada.
    1. Registration can be completed here:
  2. All registrants must be 14 years or older
  3. Electronic course materials will be provided. A laptop or print-out should be brought to the course.
  4. Please bring a pen and paper
  5. The ski technique session will include roller skiing. No experience is required. A helmet is required. Please supply your own ski boots and poles, and if you have access, your own roller skis. There will be a limited number of roller skis (NNN bindings) on hand to borrow.
  6. The range session will include live firing at the biathlon range. No experience is required. If you have access to a biathlon rifle and ammunition, please bring them. There will be a limited number of rifles on hand to borrow.

Schedule (tentative):

Saturday November 7:

  1. Introduction and Overview (Telemark Main Lodge)
  2. Shooting Equipment, Safety and Rules (Telemark Main Lodge)
  3. Range Training (Telemark Biathlon Range)
  4. Ski Training (Glenrosa Middle School) 
  5. Skiing Equipment and Rules (Telemark Main Lodge)
  6. Course Wrap Up (Telemark Main Lodge)


Registration is online through the NCCP locker:

The fee for the course is $90.00. Cheques should be made payable to Chris Halldorson.

Point of Contact to sign up and for questions:  Chris Halldorson ( 250-300-8919

NCCP Coaching Workshop (CCI-L2T Dryland) Oct 2-4, 2020

NCCP Competition Coach Introduction (CCI-L2T) – Dryland Cross Country Skiing Workshop 

Oct 2-4, 2020 Telemark Nordic Club – Kelowna

The NCCP L2T (Dryland) Cross Country Skiing Workshop is the third step in the NCCP progression. Coaches are taught about developmental age, physical literacy, team building, athletic components (aerobic fitness, speed, etc.), nutrition, how to design their own sport program, adventure-based activities (year-round), roller-skiing and planning a practice. Full Course DescriptionPrerequisites: Successful completion of the Community Coaching Workshop and a minimum age of 16 years on the first day of the L2T (Dryland) workshop. 

Sign up on Zone4 here:

Prerequisites: Completion of NCCP Community Coach and minimum age of 16yrs on the day of the workshop.

Date & Time: Oct 2-4, 2020 18.25 hours (2.5 days)

Location: Kelowna (exact location TBD)

Cost: $100 for CCBC members – $200 for non-member

Equipment: Bring a pen and paper and a desire to learn

Course Facilitator: TBA

Registration Closes: Sept 27 midnight. Please click on ‘Continue’ below to proceed to register for the workshop. Link to Calendar of all NCCP Cross Country Skiing workshops offered in BC 


Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that the biathlon team is invited to join in the regional cross country camp at Telemark. See details below!

Eligibility: Interior Skiers Born 2011 to 2003.

Dates: SaturdaySeptember 12th to Sunday, September 13th 2020.

Location: Telemark Nordic Club Kelowna

Phase 3 Return to Sport Options

Option A: Partial Participation. Pick and choose the training sessions or day which you would like to attend.

Option B: Sleep at Home Full Participation. Handle all of your own transportation and food for the duration of the camp.

Option C: Camping at Telemark Full Participation. Handle all of your own transportation and food for the duration of the camp. We will have the bathrooms, running water and some tables available at the Telemark Lodge. Your camping gear is your responsibility.

Register on with this Link!

Regional Coach: Adam Elliot 250 859 8464

Camp Begins: 9:00 AM on Saturday September 12th.

Camp Ends: 1:00 PM on Sunday September 13th.

Camp Fee: Free

This camp is free but you are responsible for all of your own food needs. CCBC/Teck T Shirt could be available if you are the target age (16 and under).

COVID-19 Safety Requirements:

If you choose to participate, you must follow these rules:

  • All individuals have signed the online Participant Agreement acknowledging their acceptance of the risks.
  • All individuals have completed the online self-assessment tool, on a daily basis before arriving.
  • If you don’t feel well or are displaying symptoms of COVID-19, you must stay home.
  • If you have traveled outside of Canada, you must self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days.
  • If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID-9, please stay home.
  • Wash your hands before participating.
  • Bring your own equipment, water bottle and hand sanitizer.
  • Comply with physical distancing measures AT ALL TIMES. Have a mask and sanitizer with you in case physical distancing is not possible.
  • Avoid physical contact with others, including shaking hands, high fives, etc.
  • Consider your own risk.  If you are at higher risk of experiencing serious illness from COVID-19, consider limiting or avoiding participation for the time being.
  • If you start to feel mildly ill while participating, inform the person in charge (e.g., coach), sanitize your hands, go straight home, and complete the online self-assessment tool.  If severely ill (e.g., difficulty breathing, chest pain) have the person call 911.  (And that person should ensure the cleaning and disinfecting of any surfaces that you have come into contact with.)
  • If you have any health and safety concerns, inform the person in charge and/or the CCBC office.

Camp Goals: Safe Fun, Technique, Inspiration and Camaraderie

Coaches and Coach Helpers: Coaches are Welcome. The minimum level is L2T “Trained” for regional camps. If you do not have this level than you can still help out.

What to Bring List:

  • Food for the day
  • all gear for skating roller skiing (skate roller skis, poles, boots)
  • Mandatory Roller Ski Safety Equipment (Helmet, Gloves, Reflective Vest and optional Knee Pads)
  • Hill Bounding Poles. (Your Classic Poles or poles ~10cm shorter than shoulders)
  • Sport Clothing
  • running shoes
  • heart rate monitor if you have one
  • outdoor clothes for all weather conditions
  • work ethic
  • Water bottles and Carrier
  • yoga mat
  • Smiley Face

2020 Shirt Colour

NEW Frequently asked Questions at the bottom of this page. When a question is asked I will add the answer to the bottom of this page.

Draft of Camp Schedule:

Saturday September 12th

9:00 am Glenrosa Middle School Roller Ski

2974 Glen Abbey Pl, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2N1

Noon Your Packed Lunch Time

1:00 pm Athlete Panel 😉

2:00 pm Hill Bounding Technique Session

2:30 pm Team Orienteering

4 pm athlete pickup time from Telemark Nordic Club West Kelowna, BC V4T 2G3

Sunday September 13th

9 am Meet at Telemark Lodge ready to Run

1 pm athlete pickup time from Telemark

Can I Help or Help Coach? Yes, we always need help. This is the information on the Mandatory Standards for Coaching: With regards to your Teck Regional Dryland and Snow Camps, this is a friendly reminder to familiarize yourself with CCBC’s minimum mandatory coach qualification policy.  Coaches leading/supervising the camp or leading a group of athletes at the camp must be NCCP L2T ‘trained’ (must have completed the L2T (On-Snow) Workshop), while coaches that are assisting must be NCCP Community Coach ‘trained’ (must have completed the Community Coach Workshop). Link to Policy!

“Sammy G”. doesn’t roller ski much (twice ever so far).  Do you think the camp would be good for “Sammy G.” too or should I wait another year for camps for him? For the Roller skiing portion on Saturday we just do an introductory to roller skiing for those who are younger and inexperienced in a parking lot and car free paved path. If they are reasonably good skiers they usually excel in this setting. Also, if you do not have roller skis all of the clubs bring their team skis so that skiers can try roller skiing; there will be enough skis if you cannot find some to bring. I think that “Sammy G.” will be fine.

Thanks Again,

Adam Elliot

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