January 16, 2019

BC Cup Emergency Action Plan

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A telephone is located in the general Telemark Chalet area and the chalet is always open during the winter operation season.

Emergency phone numbers:

  • Call 9-1-1 for AMBULANCE, FIRE, &/or RCMP
  • Ski Patrol are on site for Competition: [contact name, phone number tbd]
  • Club Office: 250-564-3809
  • Chief of Stadium (1st in charge): John McNern, [phone number TBD]
  • Volunteer Coordinator (2nd in charge): Murray Carlson, [phone number TBD]
  • Chief of Range: Richard MacKenzie, [phone number TDB]
  • Chief of Course: Steve Fenning, [phone number TBD]

Instructions for any volunteers on course, stadium, or range:

If you observe any person in need of first aid or emergency support please contact your respective chief either by radio/phone or in person or go to the chalet. Let them know where you are, the nature of the emergency, and the bib number of the competitor. From there the Chief will notify the Ski Patrol. If the injured person is blocking a ski trail and are able to safely move off the trail under their own power please ask them to do so. If they cannot move off the trail leave them where they are until the Ski Patrol arrives. Have another person go down the trail and warn oncoming traffic of the situation and ask that they ski slowly by the injured person, but to continue the competition.



The Ski Patrol will have a snowmobile and toboggan on standby for the all days of the competition.

Snowmobile Drivers

The first aid team can drive the snowmobile. If not available, some of the Competition volunteers are trained in snowmobile operation. See in-charge list to locate them.

Directions for Ambulance:

Take Hwy 97 (north from Peachland or South from West Kelowna). Go west (up) Glenrosa Road about 9 km from the Glenrosa Road – Hwy 97 interchange. The Telemark parking lot entrance is on the left-hand side. There is a large Telemark sign at the entrance to our parking lot. The Telemark Lodge is located 200 meters from the black parking lot gate. Enter the parking lot and drive in as far as possible (black gate) where you will be met.

Address of nearest hospital: 2268 Pandosy St, Kelowna

Directions to Hospital from Telemark: Drive down Glenrosa road and take the Hwy 97 North turnoff. Drive all the way into Kelowna (across the bridge) and turn LEFT on Pandosy Street (2nd exit after the bridge). Continue several blocks and turn right at the emergency entrance of Kelowna General Hospital – it is well signed.