March 18, 2019

Course Maps

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The following are the standard course maps.  These are subject to change; any change will be posted prior to the race.

NOTE: Brown course changed Feb 5, 2019 – new course map has been uploaded.

click here for all 6 BC cup race courses in one file


Sprint: Midgets

Pursuit: Midgets


Sprint: Juvenile, Recreation 2

Pursuit: Juvenile, Recreation 2


Sprint: Jr Boy/Girl, Jr. Cadets, Recreation 1;

Pursuit: Jr Boy/Girl, Senior Boy/Girl, Youth Women, Senior/Junior Cadets, Youth Women Cadets, Recreation 1, Masters Women, Sport Men/Women


Sprint: Masters Men, Masters Women, Youth Women, Senior Boy/Girl, Senior Cadets, Youth Women Cadets, Sport Men/Women

Pursuit: Youth Men, Jr Women, Women, Cadet Youth Men


Sprint: Women, Jr Women, Youth Men, Cadet Youth Men

Pursuit: Jr Men, Men


Sprint: Jr Men, Men