January 28, 2020

Way to go Work Crew!

THANK-YOU to all that helped out today. Things are looking really good around the range and we’re ready for snow!

A special thanks to Thomas and Alex for rebuilding the old warped mat tables, cleaning out the mat shed and generally cleaning up. The McIvor award goes to Jeff ,Rob and Steve for rebuilding/restoring the heavily dead-fall damaged and twisted storage shed. Karmen, Findlay and Tate for sweeping up the range and transporting signage. John for signage removal and clean-up. Murray/Rob/Colton for cleaning the fort. Andrew/Colton/Rory for sign mounting, clean-up and doing a dump run.  And so much more – it was a great day!


You can help!

2 ways to help support your Team Kelowna biathlon (Enzo and Timor) and cross country athletes (all from Telemark)…
Sat Oct 13th @11am-1pm:  Team Kelowna Grocery Bagging @ Kelowna Superstore (Team Kelowna athletes will participate in this fundraiser;  parents, siblings and coaches are welcome to assist as well in bagging groceries)
Do your grocery shopping that same day between 11 am and 1 pm and leave a nice tip on your way out!

Biathlon Committee Meeting

Yes, time to get together again to do some planning for the upcoming season!  We need all Telemark biathlon parents, coaches and adult biathletes to come out if you can.

DATE: Tuesday September 18

TIME: 19:00 hrs to 2130 hrs

LOCATION: S103B Kelowna Campus Okanagan College (Boardroom), 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna

AGENDA – Michelle or Alison will send out an agenda as soon as it is ready.

Door Donation

In this picture, Murray is accepting a donated steel door from Tim Shaw. Tim and Andrea have been enthusiastic supporters of Telemark and Telemark Biathlon.  They have helped at numerous Bears practices, races and work camps and both have become strong skiers.  The donated door will soon replace the old beat up door at the back of the Fort.

Thank you Tim and Andrea!

Thanks guys!

Thanks also to Steve Fenning and Fortis!  Steve secured a $300 donation from Fortis for this specific job to help defray some of the cost for materials needed to install the door.


Telemark Nordic Club will host NCCP Biathlon Community Coaching workshops

Where:  Telemark Nordic Club, 4425 Glenrosa Road, West Kelowna BC V4T 1V9

When: Saturday 8 September and Sunday 9 September 2018, 0900-1600 both days

Who:  You!  Come on, get your coaching groove on.  Parents of athletes, Development, Advanced and Masters athletes are all encouraged to make the move to complete some coach training.

Description: The Biathlon Community Coach Silver workshop on Saturday will give you the knowledge and tools to assist with coaching in Biathlon practices under the supervision of one of our biathlon coaches for athletes from ages 8-12. The additional training for Community Coach Gold workshop on Sunday will give you the knowledge and tools to run a Biathlon Bears program. Candidates wishing to complete Gold training must also complete the Silver training. A Biathlon Canada membership, basic skiing and shooting ability is required.

Cost: Silver (Saturday only) $70. Gold (Saturday and Sunday) $130. For Telemark members who intend to be a volunteer coach for Telemark Biathlon, the course cost will be covered by Telemark Nordic Club. If you have previously attained your Community Coach Silver level, you only need to come on Sunday to complete your Community Coach Gold level, for $50.

Point of Contact to sign up and for questionsMurray Carlson, 250-808-4511

Tree Planting News

Hi Everyone,

The last weekend in May and this past weekend, our Team participated in tree planting on cut lines near to our very own Telemark Nordic Club. Thanks to Steve Fenning, Iva and Thomas Rozek, Daniel Rozek, Erik Rozek and Alex Rozek for participating and for leading the way, getting some fresh air and for making a difference in our local ecosystem. I can confirm that the weather was quite nice and the views spectacular with the rain holding off and a nice breeze to keep the mozzies down.  More importantly, together we raised several hundred dollars for Telemark and Biathlon programs. As an added bonus we got to interact with the folks from the XC race team who were out in force.  The workers from Ntityix Resources LP (our local First Nations forester)  who were managing the tree planters were very patient and used several opportunities to educate participants – so thanks a ton to Ntiyix Resources for donating time and resources!

Please comment on this fundraising event. If you have any questions about the tree planting experience contact Murray  250-808-4511.

Tree Planting Details

Thank you for committing your time and energy to plant trees on Saturday!

Note: we could still use more planters on Saturday morning.

Place: Meet at the Yellow Gate (800 m up the road from the Telemark parking lot)

Saturday am

  • meet at 0800 hrs
  • you will be escorted to the planting site via Fern Creek
  • plant 0900-1200 hrs

Saturday pm

  • meet 1200 hrs
  • travel to planting site
  • plant 1300-1500 hrs


OK, rain gear is more than just “in case” – it will probably be raining so be prepared for a bit of wet weather!  And the sun screen is perhaps a bit optimistic this weekend…

Have fun –  you will be contributing to mother Earth and the production of the oxygen we breath when we race!

Tree Planting on Saturday

Please sign up here for Tree Planting this Saturday June 9th.  This is a valuable fundraiser for our Team.  Please do your best to sign up.  It takes at least 10 planters to make this a worthwhile exercise for our sponsor (Ntitlxyx Resources of the Westbank First Nation).  We make $1000 for every 4000 trees planted.

Meet at rendezvous point (TBD–will be in the Telemark/Coquihalla area) at 8 am and 12 pm

Session 1 9-12 pm

Session 2 1-3 pm

Tree Planting Info

Ntityix Resources LP (our local First Nations forester) is donating their time and resources to help us raise money for our Race Teams – we sure appreciate this!  While this weekend is a busy one, including the Biathlon BC AGM in Prince George, hopefully some of us will be able to get out and help put some trees into the ground!

If you are helping out for Biathlon, please make sure they know so the trees you plant will be credited to the Biathlon program.

Meet at Yellow Gate (1 km above Telemark turnoff on Glenrosa Road) at 8 am and 12 pm each day.

Tree Planting Opportunity

It’s that time of year again – time to put a few trees in the ground and raise some funds for Telemark Biathlon!

If you can come out and help, please sign up for tree planting shifts this weekend (Sat and Sunday May 26/27th). You will be giving back to your team (much needed fundraising dollars) and to your planet. The experience also looks good on a job resume!

Click here to sign up.

Directions to the Jack Pine Road tree-planting block to follow (close to Telemark). No experience necessary and you will be given instructions at the site.  It is a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon doing something quite different from the usual weekend chores.