December 15, 2017

Telemark’s Julia Ransom in the Top 10

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Julia Ransom has launched herself into a top 10 finish in Sweden at the season opening World Cup race weekend in the Individual competition, finishing 9th overall. Julia had perfect shooting with 4 clean rounds.  7 athletes in the top 10 shot clean as competition was fierce at the top of the order. Way to go Julia!

Julia says “I was mainly excited just to get the season started and to be racing again, but finishing in the top 10 was the icing on the cake!”

This is Julia’s first top 10 finish in the World Cup circuit.  What a great way to kick off the season!  Let’s hope there are lots more top 10s to come.

Julia shot clean in all four rounds

Final BC Cup Points Results

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Congratulations to our athletes for an amazing season!

Senior Girls: Natalie Benoit 1st place; Danica Ariano 4th place

Senior Boys: Colton Hay 2nd place

Junior Girls: Makenna Banser 1st place, Kira Friesen 3rd place

Junior Boys: Rory Hay 5th place

Awesome results!  Our six competitors raced in all 8 BC Cup races this season and had a great time.

Telemark Nordic Club finished in 4th place overall in the club standings.

Final Day at Nationals

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Finally, a day when the temperatures were a bit warmer!  Team BC came away with plenty of medals in the Team Relay event, where the top three finishing teams from each province take the podium.

Danica raced up two categories to join BC 2 in the Junior Men/Women category, and finished in 7th place overall.  Well done Danica!

Natalie raced in the middle leg of BC 1 in the Senior Boy/Girl category, and her team was the third province across the finish line to take the Bronze Medal!  Fantastic result!

Colton lead things off for BC 2 in the Senior Boy/Girl category in the mass start with a solid performance, and handed things off just behind BC 1, but ultimately his team finished well down the order.  Way to go Colton!

Thanks to all Team BC coaches (especially our own Coach Chris), wax techs, support crew and parents who made the entire week such a rewarding experience for all the BC athletes.  Congratulations to Telemark athletes Jasper, Colton, Natalie and Danica for a fantastic finish to a superb season.

Canadian National Pursuit Results

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Another very cold day in Canmore, with temperatures starting below -20C but warming as the day went on.  Things had warmed up somewhat by race time for the men, and the sun was out so racing was good.

Jasper wasn’t able to improve his 10th place position in the pursuit, but pushed hard to the finish.

Colton had a good race, picking up 4 places, finishing 12th overall in the Senior Boys category.

Natalie dropped back a few places to finish 11th, while Danica moved up 2 places to finish 13th in the Senior Girls category.

Colton, Natalie and Danica hit 14/20 in their races.

Tomorrow is the final race of the season – the Relay Race.

Nationals Day Two…

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Due to the very cold weather, races started 1.5 hours later than originally scheduled.  It was not a great day for Telemark athletes today in the Individual Competition, with everyone struggling a bit on the range.

Jasper finished 10th, with 10 hits for 20 shooting.

Colton finished 23rd with 11 hits for 20 shooting.

Natalie finished 22nd with 10 hits for 20 shooting.

Danica finished 27th with 8 hits for 20 shooting.

Friday is a training day, followed by the Pursuit on Saturday and Relay on Sunday.  The weather looks to be warming up for the weekend.

Canadian Biathlon Champs Underway

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After a cold first day of racing in Canmore, Telemark athletes are off to a good start.  Natalie had a stellar race, with only 2 misses in the Senior Girls Sprint placing 6th.  Danica had a solid race as well, finishing 15th with 5 misses.

In Senior Boys action, Colton missed 2 prone and 1 standing, finishing a respectable 16th.  Jasper finished 10th in the Men category as he continues to recover from illness.

Tomorrow will be even colder as the athletes race in an Individual competition.  Best wishes to all for fabulous racing!

Public Race Results

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A fantastic day at Telemark, with many enthusiastic participants finding out just how fun and challenging this Olympic sport can be!

Murray notes:

It was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  Many thanks to all who participated in our Biathlon Demo Day and it was great to see everyone racing in a Sprint competition. We apologize in advance if there are minor spelling errors in the results below.  Your enthusiasm and smiles made the day!  Through your participation today, many of you have taken that first step towards becoming full-on Biathletes.

If you were fortunate enough to have had Coach Chris Halldorson, or athletes Colton Hay or Danica Ariano help you at the range during the Demo, you’ll be excited to know that they are headed to Canmore now to compete at the Canadian National Biathlon Championships as members of Team BC.  They will be joined by two other Telemark athletes: Jasper MacKenzie and Natalie Benoit.  Watch this space for upcoming news of their accomplishments.


Telemark Nordic Club wishes to thank our sponsor, Crown West Steel, for their participation and for helping to keep the Telemark Biathlon Range outfitted with the very finest materials.  Also, we want to thank the Okanagan Young Professionals who raced today in the spirit of friendly competition. We salute their engagement throughout communities in the Okanagan Valley.

Demo Day Race 1.0 Sprint Results March 2017

Demo Day 1.9 km Sprint Results March 2017

Way to go Julia!

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Julia continues to impress on the World Cup circuit!  18th in the Biathlon World Championships!

Check out the latest news here: Julia 18th!

Results from BC Championships in Burns Lake

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Great results for the team in Burns Lake!  Well done to everyone!  And thanks to the parents who all pitched in every day to wax skis, haul gear, help athletes stay organized, run rifles and take photos – it was a real team effort all round.

After a cold team practice on Friday afternoon, everyone was dialed in and set for a good weekend.  The weather forecast was for a much warmer Saturday, with a daytime high broaching the freezing point, but we were a little surprized to wake up to -21C recorded at Burns Lake Airport.  Fortunately, things warmed up a lot and by race time we had risen above -10C.

In the individual, Colton got things started with a solid 2nd place finish in Senior Boys, followed by Natalie with a first place finish in Senior Girls and Danica with a 5th place finish.  The Juniors started a bit later, with Makenna placing first, Kira second in Junior Girls, and Rory a solid 5th in Junior Boys.

Burns Lake really put on a great event, with a wonderful banquet on Saturday night including a live band!  Everyone had a really fun time, enjoying northern BC hospitality.

Sunday was forecasting snow/rain mix and warmer temperatures, but ended up being a nice, sunny morning instead!  Not sure who was forecasting the weather, but certainly it was a challenging weekend all across the province in that regard.

Results were pretty much the same as Saturday in Sunday’s Pursuit.  Colton 2nd, Natalie 1st, Danica moved up a place to 4th, Makenna 1st, Kira 2nd, and Rory 5th.  Wow!

In the BC Cup Aggregate, Natalie won the Senior Girls competition and Makenna won the Junior Girls competition – well done to both!

Telemark Race Team at Omineca Ski Club Biathlon Range

Recent Race News

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It’s been a busy few weeks with our athletes competing on the Biathlon BC Cup circuit in Quesnel mid-January, then Whistler Olympic Park at the end of January, then off to Burns Lake this coming weekend.  Everyone has been having a great time, competing to the best of their ability each weekend.

Colton has placed well with a couple of 4ths in Quesnel, then a superb 2nd (clean-clean shooting) in Whistler.  He is currently in third place in the Senior Boys BC Cup standings.

Natalie continues her great season, leading the Senior Girls category in the BC Cup standings, placing first in both races in Quesnel and 3rd in both races in Whistler.

Danica is showing great promise with a 4th and 5th place finishes in Quesnel, then 1st and 2nd place finishes in Whistler.  She currently sits in fourth place in the Senior Girls BC Cup standings.

Makenna is leading the Junior Girls BC Cup standings, with 1st and 2nd place finishes in Quesnel and 1st and 2nd place finishes in Whistler.

Kira continues to impress, with finishes in 4th and 6th place finishes in Quesnel and 2nd and 4th place finishes in Whistler.  She is currently placed third in the BC Cup points standings.

Rory has been competing against some very competitive boys and sits fifth in the Junior Boys standings.

Jonah has had some great results in the Midget categories – 3rd in Quesnel and  3rd in Whistler.