April 13, 2021

Range Maintenance and Improvements PLUS Tree Planting

Steve and Murray were up at the range today. Steve installed a new storage system for the Course markers while Murray installed the cup dispenser for the water fountain – fountain, cups and dispenser provided by Culligan Water (thanks Karmen!).

The boys even cleaned up the brass at the firing points. With the snow freshly melted, it was pretty clean brass too, so we might even get a few shekels for it. More to follow!

Clean, clean, clean! There was enough brass to make a Trombone.

Don’t forget to sign up for Tree Planting. 25 or 26 May are the dates. You can register right here. http://volunteersignup.org/R998F

More details to follow. Tree planting will be the first fundraiser of our new fiscal year. Come out to plant trees for the future while raising some cash for Biathlon.

Nice job Steve!
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