April 13, 2021

2010/11 Season

Nationals Biathlon, Charlo NB March 22 – 27, 2011

Jasper Youth Men 6th 12.5 km Individual, 7th 7.5 km Sprint, 9th 10 km Pursuit,

Julia Youth Women 2nd 10 km Individual, 2nd 6 km Sprint, 1st 7.5 km Pursuit,

Carson Senior Boy 12th 7.5 km Individual, 9th 6 km Sprint, 3rd 7.5 km Pursuit

Devon Senior boy 14th 7.5 km Individual, 24th 6 km Sprint, 25th 7.5 km Pursuit

Nationals XC Canmore AB March 13 – 20, 2011

Eric Juv Boy 27th 10 km Mass Start, 23rd Sprints, 54th 7.5 km Classic,17th 5 km free

Julia Junior Girl 1st 7.5 km Mass Start, 23rd 10 km Classic, 11th 5 km free

Nationals Cadet Val Cartier QC March 5 – 12, 2011

Carson Junior Boy 1st 6 km Mass Start, 1st 6 km Pursuit

Jennah Junior Girl 9th 6 km Mass Start

Devon Senior Boy 8th 7.5 km Mass Start, 6th 7.5 km Pursuit

Jasper Youth Men 5th 7.5 km Mass Start, 1st 7.5 km Pursuit

Team relay 3 x 4.5 km Boys Carson, Devon, Jasper 1st

Team Patrol relay 3 x 2 km Boys Carson, Devon, Jasper 1st

Team relay 3 x 4.5 km Girls Jennah, Rita, Louisa 4th

Team Patrol relay 3 x 1.5 km Girls Jennah, Rita, Louisa 1st

BC Biathlon Championships Prince George BC March 5 – 6, 2011

Angus – Junior Boys 6th 6 km Individual, 6th 4 km Sprint

Hailee – Junior Girls 6th 6 km Individual, 3rd 4 km Sprint

Eric – Senior Boys 1st 6 km Sprint, 2nd 7.5 km Individual

BC XC Championships Kamloops BC Feb 19 – 20, 2011

Mirena 4th 5 km free Juv girl

Eric 5th 7.5 km free Juv Boy

Canada Winter Games Halifax NB Feb 13 – 19, 2011

Jasper – 10th 15 km Individual, 20th 10 km Sprint, 12th 12.5 km Pursuit, 3rd Relay

Julia – 4th 12.5 km Individual, 3rd 7.5 km Sprint, 4th 10 km Pursuit, 3rd Relay

Provincial Cadets Mt Washington BC Feb 5 – 6, 2011

Female Junior – Jennah 1st, Jade 2nd, Devon 8th

Male Junior – Carson 1st, Jadon 8th

Male Senior – Devon G 1st

Male Youth – Jasper 1st

Western XC Kelowna BC Feb 4 – 6, 2011

Erik 52nd Pee Wee 1.5 km Classic Prologue

Bryson 55th Pee Wee 1.5 km Classic Prologue 25th PB1 2.5km Free Mass Start

Eric Juv Sprint 1st, JVB1 Prologue 10th, 10th – 10 km free Mass Start

World Junior/Youth Championships Nove Mesto Czech Jan 29 – Feb 4, 2011

Julia Sprint 51st Pursuit 47th Individual 36th Relay 8th

BC Cup 3&4 Vanderhoof BC January 22 – 23, 2011

Midgets 2.8km Mass Start Bryson 3rd 2.1 km Sprint Bryson 4th

Junior Boys 5km Mass Start Eric 1st, Haydon 2nd, Tyler 5th 4.5 km Sprint Eric 1st, Tyler 2nd, Haydon 3rd

Senior Boys 6.5 km Mass Start Carson 1st, Devon 3rd 6 km Sprint Carson 1st, Devon 3rd

Youth Men 8 km Mass Start Jasper 1st 7.5 km Sprint Jasper 2nd

Noram #3 Calforex Cup Canmore AB January 8 – 9, 2011

Eric 1st 3.75 km Sprint 1st 6.25 kmPursuit

Julia 2nd 6 km Sprint 3rd 7.5 km Pursuit

Cadet Zone Race Jan 9, 2011

Athletes that qualified for to attend Provincials: Jasper, Carson, Devon, Tyler, Jennah, Jade, Devon, Jadon

BC Cup 1 and 2, World Junior Trials Callaghan BC Dec 18 – 21, 2010

Jasper 16th 10 km Sprint, Julia 6th 7.5 km Sprint (Junior Men/Women), Carson 1st, Devon 4th 6km Sprint (Senior Boys), Hayden 1st, Eric 2nd, Tyler 3rd, Hailee 7th 2.7 km Sprint (Junior boys/girls), Bryson 4th 2.1 km Sprint (Midgets)

Jasper 14th 12.5 km Pursuit, Julia 7th 10 km Pursuit (Junior Men/Women), Carson 1st, Devon 4th 7.5 km Pursuit (Senior Boys), Eric 1st, Hayden 2nd, Tyler 5th, Hailee 7th 3.6 km Pursuit (Junior boys/girls), Bryson 4th 2.8 km Pursuit (Midgets)

Jasper 12th 12.5 km Mass start, Julia 2nd 10 km Mass Start

Julia qualified for World Junior Championships Nove Mesto CZE 2011

Noram/ Calforex Cup 2010 Canmore Alberta, Dec 2010

Carson 1st Senior Boys Pursuit, Jasper 17th Junior Men Pursuit, Julia 7th Junior Women, Devon 17th Senior Boys, Tyler 11th Junior Boys

Jasper and Julia qualified for BC Team CWG 2011

Alberta Cup XC Dec 2010

Eric 1st Juv Boy Sprints Julia 4th Junior Women Sprints


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