April 13, 2021

December 20 Candy Cane Cup Results

A little late, but here are the results from the Candy Cane Cup on Dec 20! A big thank you goes out to all the coaches and parent/volunteers who made the event a success. Following out Covid-Protocols make events much more time consuming, but the smiles on everyone’s faces were worth it. This was a fun event and was a great day of racing to hone our skills. Each new race is a new chance to test ourselves!

Learn to Compete Super Sprint Qualifier:

2020 Candy Cane Cup Super Sprint Qualifier 2.5km

Learn to Compete Super Sprint/reverse-start-pursuit Final (ordered by fastest final time):

Candy Cane Cup Super Sprint Final 4.2km

Train to Train Mass-Individual Start event (ordered by fastest finish time):

Candy Cane Cup Mass-Individual Start 3.3km

Don’t forget to check out the results from the Nordic Candy Cane Cups here: https://race.teamtelemark.ca/candy-cane-cup-1-results-and-holiday-week-skiing/

October 11 Turkey TT Results

Great effort to everyone who came out for our Pre-Thanksgiving dinner time trial. Results from the time Trial are below!

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