April 13, 2021

Telemark Group Training Rules (in plain language!) Update Feb 8th!

Before you Arrive

  • Once per season Athletes and Parents must fill out and sign the CCBC online Participant Agreement acknowledging their acceptance of the risks (you can verify if you have already done this by clicking on the confirmation list) AND complete the Biathlon BC Participant agreement
  • Before Every Training Session All individuals have completed the online self-assessment tool
  • 19+ Age Programs are temporarily Suspended (As of Dec 3rd)

Arrival and Departure at Telemark

  • Masks are to be worn from the car to the Group Rally Point (cross country ski practice) and Vice-versa. Biathlon Practice Rally Points is at the range. A buff is not an acceptable mask substitute. Hand Sanitizer is also required to be carried by athletes
  • No equipment is shared (this includes gloves, armbands, scopes etc); skiers should carry their own water
  • The Telemark Programs have staggered start times to avoid large groups

Practice Rally Points

Each group will meet at a different rally point prior to the start of each practice 

  • L2C at the Timing Hut; Boo’s Trail
  • T2T at the Finish Sprint Hill; Krar Hill (aka the “sugar bump”)
  • Track Attack at the Sprint Course Sign; Elliot Hill
  • Biathlon Practices: Biathlon Range

Physical Distance

  • Program Participants need to maintain a minimum of 3 meters distance from each other unless masked (Updated December 3rd)
  • Physical Contact is to be avoided

Group Size

  • Maximum Youth Athletes in a Ski Program Group is 12
  • Maximum Adult Athletes in a Ski Program (outdoor sport) Group is 4. This number includes the coach. (Updated Feb 8th)
    • Adult Sport is considered 22 Years of age or older.
  • Some groups require additional support from parents to help encourage our rules. We should try to avoid more than 1 parent for every 4 skiers
  • Group list:
    • L2C Ski Group: Francis, Clair, Ian, Garrett, Nathan, Finn, Evan, Breagh, Alessia, Alex R, Oliver G, Timur.
    • L2C-1/T2T-2 Bridge Program Ski Group: Camille, Cathrine, Kaelin, Rowan MB (Option of Thursday with L2C for the intensity workout) 
    • T2T-2 Ski Group: Lauren, Caitlyn M, Aya, Chloe Sylvie, Mika, Tyler.
    • T2T-1 Ski Group:  Kai, Thomas, Rowan B, Jasmine, Sophie, Tayte, Anna, Seth, Ayla, Nathan M. Eric
    • L2C Biathlon group: Alex R., Oliver, Timur, Enzo, Camille, Catherine
    • T2T Biathlon group: Tayte, Anna, Sophie, Jasmine, Tyler, Mika

Shooting Practices

  • Mats scopes and ropes should be assigned to one athlete for the duration of practice
  • Every other lane must be left vacant to ensure physical distancing (Updated December 3rd)
  • Each athlete much have their own rifle rack (Updated December 3rd)
  • Mats and Scopes must be sanitized after each user
  • A maximum of 3 people, wearing masks, are allowed in the “Fort” at one time
  • A maximum of one person is allowed in the “Shed” and “Hut” at one time
  • All coaches and parent helpers are required to wear masks while on the range.


  • Carpooling is not permitted (Updated December 3rd)
  • Van use and Car shuttling are not permitted
  • Cross-Regional and Inter-Provincial Travel are not currently permitted


  • Coach ensures that athletes have been screened for Covid Symptoms
  • A Record of Participants is Maintained
  • Coach reminds athletes of the rules at the beginning of the session

If you get Sick

  • Athletes are required to inform their head coach if they get sick immediately
  • Positive Covid test results are required to be shared with the athlete’s head coach immediately
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