October 27, 2021

2013 Overall Biathlon Canada Buff Precision Shooting Competition Results

The Overall Results from the summer/fall Buff precision shooting competition are in!  These are the combined results from the entire 6-month competition and Telemark Biathletes preformed extremely well.  Congratulations to all the competitors for such great results!

Open Men: Dave 2nd, Don 6th, Murray 7th, Jasper 8th

Open Women: Lanita 11th

Youth Men: Carson 3rd

Youth Women: Devon 9th

Senior Boys: Hudson 4th, Sam 11th

Senior Girls: Jennah 2nd, Tekarra 3rd, Hailee 5th

Novice: Colton 11th, Piper 12th, Kira 13th, Rory 16th, Natalie 22nd, Luc 31st, Pascal 34th


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