October 26, 2021

2014 Fall Telemark Biathlon Weekend Camp

Yes, the days are getting shorter – fall is here!  That means it is time for the third annual Fall Telemark Biathlon Camp at Telemark (Friday Oct 2 – Sunday Oct 4.  This is a free event geared for all Telemark Biathlon families and their friends – all are welcome to come, learn, get to know each other a bit better, have some fun and help keep our biathlon range in great shape…

Basic Details:

Friday October 2 – you can camp out at Telemark in the main stadium or biathlon stadium areas. While no formal events are planned for that evening, a few families may be camping out and enjoying some time together.

Saturday Oct 3 (note: tasks are subject to change, but these are the main ones…)

9:00 – 10am pancake breakfast in the lodge (we’ll provide the food)

9:30 during breakfast range job assignments

  • Painting of target walls and support timbers
  • Clean and sort mat shed
  • Range building interior sanding and painting
  • Range building flooring install
  • Range building exterior finishing
  • Firing line brass clean up (prizes) – this is for the kids

12:00-13:00: lunch (bring your own lunch and water)

13:00-17:00: continue work party on the range for everyone, and mountain biking for the kids who are getting antsy and who have finished the brass clean up

15:00-17:00: Finishing up the days’ task and clean up (targets have to be finished if there is to be shooting on Sunday), and geocaching hunt led by Andrew for kids or the young at heart

Sunday Oct 4

9:30: we will provide coffee and donuts; meet at the range to go over outstanding jobs

9:30-12:00 work party for adults and kids

11-12:00 fun mountain bike ride for the kids led by Shayne

12:00–13:00: BBQ (we’ll provide the food)

13:00- 15:00: Precision shooting competition plus other fun shooting, and finishing up on the Range building

15:00: pack up and leave

 Things to Bring:

Food and drinks (except for Saturday breakfast and Sunday BBQ lunch).

Clothes suitable for the weather

Work clothes (you may be painting, so wear something that you don’t mind getting a bit messy)

Paint trays, paint rollers handles, paint rollers which you no longer need/want (can be previously used and cleaned), paint brushes or cutting-in tool – anything we can use to paint inside and out

Fan rakes (may help pick up brass)

Buckets (so the kids have something to put their brass in)

A great attitude and willingness to help out!

Cost: no cost other than volunteering to help out where you can.

We have a sign up sheet – while we may change the tasks around a bit, it would really help if we knew what you’d like to do.

Click here to sign up

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