October 27, 2021

4th Annual Jac-O-Lantern Shoot – Saturday 2 November

Hey there Biathlon enthusiasts. Are you trembling with excitement as Halloween approaches? Once you’ve counted and safely stashed your haul of goodies, keep the excitement going with a fun range session on Saturday 2 November. Save your Jac-O-Lantern for the range! Come join us for the annual Telemark Biathlon Jac-O-Lantern shoot! In addition to the entire Biathlon Bears crew, this year we’ve invited the Track Attack Nordic group to participate. Here’s the schedule:

Saturday 2 November

8:30 – Bring your Jac-O-Lantern to the range along with a garbage bag to collect your pumpkin after the shoot. Set up your pumpkin and help set up the range.

8:45 – Finish off admin paperwork for visitors.

9:00 – Safety briefing and shooting lane assignments.

9:15 – Range is opened and shooting begins. Everyone gets 3 magazines. You can shoot at your pumpkin, another person’s pumpkin or the regular metal targets.

9:45 – Range is closed. We can all go down-range to where the pumpkins are and admire your shooting prowess.

10:00 – Track attackers head out on a Trail run.

For parents, please help out with the Telemark work party over at the Main Lodge.

Most of the Biathlon Bears Crew from last year!
Was this really 2016?! I recognize many of the usual suspects…:)

Call Murray Carlson at 250-808-4511 with any questions!

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