September 21, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Pre-season BBQ/Work Party!

Calling all Team Telemark Biathlon Members/Parents – We Need You!

When: Sunday, August 25 @ 12:00 – 15:00 (after the Bears camp)

Where: Telemark Biathlon Range

Work to be Done: Paint the target building roof supports, paint the steps and landing to the Fort, fix the range roof, change the oil in the generators, general clean-up and organizing.

Join us for the BBQ and then we’ll get our hands dirty.

Please RSVP to Coach Steve @ so we know how much food to bring.

See you there!!

Telemark Nordic Club will host an NCCP Biathlon Community Silver Coaching Workshop

Telemark is pleased to offer an NCCP Biathlon Community Coaching Silver course. The Silver coaching course provides practical, sport-specific, technical information required to help new coaches help run club practices for community (recreational) and development (e.g.: Biathlon Bears) programs.


Telemark Nordic Club, 4425 Glenrosa Road, West Kelowna BC V4T 1V9

Glenrosa Middle School, 2974 Glen Abbey Pl, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2N1


Saturday September 21 – 13:00 – 18:00

Sunday September 22 – 11:00 – 5:00


This course is designed to help train new coaches in order to help run club-based biathlon programs. No experience previous experience racing, participating or coaching biathlon is required. Parents, supporters and athletes who will be coaching biathlon are strongly encouraged to enroll!


This course will split time been a classroom-based setting and “in the field” technical instruction. The classroom portion will be conducted in the Telemark Nordic Club main lodge. Shooting technique instruction will take place at the Telemark Biathlon Range, and ski technique instruction will take place at Glenrosa Middle School.


  1. All registrants must be members of Biathlon Canada. Registration can be completed here:
  2. All registrants must be 14 years or older
  3. Electronic course materials will be provided. A laptop or print-out should be brought to the course.
  4. Please bring a pen and paper
  5. The ski technique session will include roller skiing. No experience is required. A helmet is required. Please supply your own ski boots and poles, and if you have access, your own roller skis. There will be a limited number of roller skis on hand to borrow.
  6. The range session will include live firing at the biathlon range. No experience is required. If you have access to a biathlon rifle and ammunition, please bring them. There will be a limited number of rifles on hand to borrow.

Schedule (tentative):

Saturday September 21:

    1. Introduction and Overview (Telemark Main Lodge)
    2. Shooting Equipment, Safety and Rules (Telemark Main Lodge)
    3. Range Training (Telemark Biathlon Range)

Sunday September 22:

    1. Ski Training (Glenrosa Middle School)
    2. Skiing Equipment and Rules (Telemark Main Lodge)
    3. Course Wrap Up (Telemark Main Lodge


Registration is online through the NCCP locker:

The fee for the course is $70.00*. Cheques should be made payable to Telemark Biathlon Club.

For Telemark Nordic Club Members who intend to be a volunteer coach for Telemark Biathlon, the course fess will be reimbursed by Telemark Nordic Club. For more information see here:

Point of Contact to sign up and for questions:  Chris Halldorson ( 250-300-8919

Biathon BC Champs Live on Zone4

You can follow the race live on Zone4 this weekend! Should be a great day of racing with superb conditions.

Natalie on the Podium at CWGs!

Telemark biathlete Natalie Benoit is having an outstanding week at the Canada Winter Games in Red Deer, Alberta, placing 7th in the 6 km Sprint, 8th in the 7.5 km Pursuit earlier in the week, followed by a 3rd place finish in the Relay Wednesday morning. Biathlon racing concludes with the 10 km Individual race on Thursday; there are 40 competitors in the Youth Women category, representing the best biathletes from across Canada.

Good luck, ladies! Natalie joins teammates (from left to right) Danica Ariano from Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, Natalie, Gillian Gowling and Larissa Black, both from Whistler Nordic Development Centre.

News from Canmore

Kira and Bryn Witwicki (Prince George) share a moment with Johannes Thingnas Bo last week in Canmore.

World Cup camp experience – Kira enjoyed volunteering at the races on Thursday and Friday as well as training sessions and other activities.  Unfortunately,  Sundays races were cancelled due to cold .

Racing in America…

The Friesens are enjoying some fun times in Methow!

Kira completes the 10km race in the Methow u18 division with a 7th place finish last Sunday. 
The Friesens enjoying the beautiful Methow trails post race.

Biathlon BC Championships Sold Out!

Great news – we have a sold out race coming in March! The Biathlon BC Championships will be held right here at Telemark on March 2 and 3rd. If you wanted to sign up to race and missed out, there is a wait list – click here to add your name.

More importantly, we need to get our volunteers all ready to go. We can’t run these races without 50-60 volunteers, so we need you! Information can be found by clicking here.

Awesome racing at Cariboo Ski Club

At BC Cup 3 this weekend, Telemark athletes had great races! Warm temps on Saturday and a little colder on Sunday only made for more exciting racing and good times.

Kira placed first in both races!

Sr Girls – Kira 1st Individual, 1st Sprint shooting 9/10

Jr. Boys Enzo – 2nd Individual, 1st sprint Timur 4th in both races Alex 6th in both races

Enzo found the top step of the podium!

Trip report for the 2019 International Children’s Games, Lake Placid – Part Three

This is the final installment of Coach John’s blog from the ICG – when you read it, you’ll wish you could have been there!

Thursday was relay day. Conditions were blizzardy and temperatures dropping, but at race time it was only minus 8. The teams were decided on the basis of trying to pair each competitor up with someone from a foreign country. Since Lake Placid comprised half of the competitors, everyone was paired with the local host team. Enzo was paired with Abigail – the silver medal winner from the first day and Timur was with Sophia. It was a mass start for the girls. Sophia skied strong and after 3 one kilometre loops and 2 rounds of clean shooting tagged Timur who was off. Abigail came later and tagged Enzo off.  Timur was quick into the range and then disaster occurred – the rifle which had no snow cover on the sight was blocked due to the snow from the blizzard. The gun was switched after a long wait. The gun jammed twice. He had only 4 pellets and needed a new clip for his 5th shot. He then hit 4/5 of the shots, so besides spending 2 minutes on the range he had a penalty loop to do. Enzo rolled in and out for his first round shooting clean. Timur’s second time on the mat went better – 25 seconds and clean, first out of the range and up the hill, closely followed by Luka of Slovenia. Enzo rolled into the range and out again clean, shooting calmly and precisely. The final lap of the race was on, and Luka passed and beat Timur over the finish line by 3 seconds. (But wait. Alibi time.) Enzo cleared the finish line racing with heart and soul.

Enzo cranking it…

It took about 45 minutes for the officials to review all the results. I recorded Timur’s range time on cell phone and estimated Timur should have gotten about 90 seconds of alibi time – based on his 120 seconds for his first round and 25 for his second round. The provisional results were posted – Timur and Sophia placed first, ahead by 5.2 seconds. As we had a 15 minute challenge period before the medals were official, I went to see what the officials had done. Turns out they took 93 seconds off Timur’s time for his rifle trouble – in line with what I had on video – and protest was not required. That must have meant 80 seconds of alibi time for Luka – both had rifle trouble on the range.

Top step of the podium, great way to finish!

On the podium Sophie Steinruck received another silver for her relay racing, and Timur was on top of the podium making it a good finish for team Kelowna.

For team Kelowna, the girls hockey won 4 out of 6 games, but not enough to get a medal.

Once the races were all done, what next? I think for most it was shopping and a trip to the candy store for the boys. Of course there was the mandatory trading – last chance for pins, toques, gloves and jackets and sweaters. Dinner had last chance tatter tots, and then we were off to the closing ceremonies, a quick event.

I cannot report much about the final night’s dance, skate, and trade as it is really hard to get any dance details out of 13 year old boys, but it seems the kids had a great time and went to bed. The coaches and HOD spent time looking for a venue that served liquids and solids that did not close their kitchen by 9 pm. It was successful. Ben, Dave, Rob, Lorraine and I spent a few long hours passionately talking about how we can get the kids from cross-country and biathlon together more – it was a real bonding event this week for the Telemark group. Ben noted we must keep the momentum going.

Friday was a day of departure, and I know that if I felt some sadness at leaving this new found venue, the kids with their memories must have felt the same or more. Timur later said the International Children’s Games was the best time ever. Not simply the biathlon competition, but because of the fun meeting all the people from other countries and the connections they got from trading bling. It was also the best time because in these games the kids had the freedom to be themselves and apart from a few events and competitions, they got to choose for themselves when they went for dinner, what they wanted to do, and how to do it each evening.

So, in summary – the Games were a success. The athletes gained more experience and confidence and they had a great time both on and off the snow. I think the experience might have lit some spark in the athletes this week as well.

For myself, overall it was the bonding between the nordic and the biathlon teams from Telemark that I enjoyed the most and look forward to building on this even more as a legacy of these 2019 Lake Placid International Children’s Games.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who made the trip a success for the athletes – the biathlon gang and athletes with their supportive sign; Coach Murray with his unflinching support, enthusiasm, and advocacy for the group with Telemark; the Telemark Nordic club and team with all of their support; the coaches Rob Fershau, Ben Achtem, Dave Urness; the ICG Kelowna supporters; and of course Lorraine, the biggest biathlon supporter out there. 

See you back at Telemark, from Coach John

Trip report for the 2019 International Children’s Games, Lake Placid – Part Two

This is part two of a three part series from John’s blog from the ICG – we’ll wrap it up tomorrow with the final part.

Tuesday came and the first day of competition. Skis where waxed the night before by Dave, and he was also up early to ski test for the Kelowna Nordic team. Nathan and Kaelin put in strong classic ski performances for Kelowna, and Sofie ended up with a fine silver medal on the podium.

Then the biathlon began. There were 17 competitors: 11 boys and 6 girls. Timur bib 2 and Enzo 8. Out of the gates they flew, ski 1 km, shoot, ski, shoot, and a final push for the finish. Timur shot 4 and 4, a penalty loop each time, and came in second for a finish of 7:59.9. Enzo shot clean his first range performance, but missed 4 on the second, finishing 7th with 9:26.7. 

Timur knocking down targets

As a new coach, I am starting to understand that a lot of biathlon is about variables and minimizing the variables. Unfortunately, with the Lake Placid air rifles and range, there were lots of variables out of our control. Nevertheless, the silver medal was awarded to a happy Telemark athlete at the podium ceremonies. Tim Burke, the US biathlete also showed up, which was a special treat.

The boys with Tim Burke

After the ski, it was an evening to relax. Tatter tots for dinner, and then it was parade down the street and fireworks night. Lake Placid was playing a “spin the weather wheel” game with its weather. Tuesday night for the parade it landed on “rain.” Nevertheless, the athletes are unstoppable, and after some hot chocolate and fireworks, I believe hot tubs and swims were in order for the kids to relax for the night. For Dave and I, it was waxing until midnight. A mix of red and yellow waxes were applied for the predicted cooler, but abrasive, conditions.

Wednesday dawned colder and slicker. It was sprint elimination day for the competitors. After the Nordic team did their skate race, it was Biathlon’s time to warm up and practice on the range. Timur shot 0 for 5 on the targets, hitting the 2 o’clock frame each time with precision. Enzo hit his targets, which only partially turned white. Seems the rain and then fall in temperatures had frozen things. Apparently taking a blow torch to the targets had not helped. Some WD 40 was called for before the competition, which seemed to work better. 

The event was a 500 metre ski, shoot, ski sprint beginning with a qualifier. Enzo was out with bib 4 coming in 8th at 4:27.4. Timur was bib 13 and came in 9th at 5:02.7. The range was still chaos, and numerous problems were encountered. Enzo came in and they closed his lane as he was getting onto the mat. During Timur’s shoot he was on the mat with his hand up waiting for a problem to be solved and the volunteer observing turned to me after 15 seconds and asked if I could time his alibi. It was a bit late to do so.  They ended up giving him a guestimate of 25 seconds. While the 2 Kelowna biathletes felt hard done by, everyone in the small field qualified, and it had no impact on the subsequent heats.   

Enzo and Timur were both in the same semi- final heat. Enzo’s time of 4:06.6 showed his speed and shooting skills far better than the qualifier. Timur came in at 4:01.1 slightly ahead, which earned him the last spot in the A final. Enzo barely missing out, was in the B final.

A few moments later they were away again – Enzo aced the B final crossing the line first of the four with a clean on the range and an even faster slick personal best of 3:59.8. In the A final, Timur was out of the mass start and after a ski, shooting for 4, a penalty loop and another ski, he smilingly crossed the finish line in second with a time of 3:45.2   A few seconds later the final two skiers crossed in a hard-fought finish. While Timur crossed second, one must remember it is biathlon, and about 10 minutes later Max with the afro was bumped to 2nd place due to an alibi, 2.3 seconds ahead of Timur’s time.   Max was thereafter known as Max 2.3. Nevertheless, Timur enjoyed the podium again as 3rd for the bronze, optimistically noting he had a chance to get a medal of each colour.

Wednesday night was more free and relaxed with no big events for the athletes. Dinner still offered up tatter tots. I enjoyed waxing skis while the athletes enjoyed the games night, as did Ben and Dave.  A competitive game of ping pong was had. Team Telemark shut down the place at 10:30, as we noticed everyone seemed to be gone for a while, and the tired volunteers were patiently waiting for the last of us to go.

Coach John – stay tuned for the final installment from me tomorrow.

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