October 19, 2021

BC Cup 1 results

It was a cold, crazy weather weekend… freezing rain on the drive up, -17C race temps, and nasty snow on the way back.  The usual cracked windshields, white knuckle driving – typical race weekend!

The results speak for themselves: 8 podium finishes, 8 other top ten finishes from our nine biathletes who were competing over the weekend.

Superb results from Jennah (1st, 2nd), Tekarra (1st, 3rd), Colton (2nd, 3rd) and Pascal (2nd, 2nd).

Clean shooting rounds by Pascal (2), Jennah (1) and Tekarra (1).

Great coaching from Glenn, Evan and Michelle, and thanks for the waxing support to Evan, Ed, Andrew and Michelle.

Jennah, Tekarra and the rest of Team BC received the new Biathon BC race outfits – pretty nice!

New Biathlon BC Uniforms

New Biathlon BC Uniforms

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