September 21, 2021

Bears 1, Bears 2 and Masters Session 1

Welcome to our Biathlon Program for 2012/13! We’re really pleased that you have chosen to participate in this fast, fun and exciting sport at Telemark. Through continued volunteer efforts, we are able to provide a high quality training program for you at our ever improving facilities at Telemark. Over the summer, countless volunteer efforts have completely rebuilt the biathlon range to make it one of the best in British Columbia.

Our first session will not involve any shooting or skiing but is highly important to get the season off to a great start for Bears and Masters alike.

Who: Bears (new and returning) and their parents, and Masters (new only)

Where: meet at Telemark Lodge (not the biathlon shooting range)

When: Saturday December 1 at 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM

What: Safety Training, Program Information Session, and Meet the Coaches (required for all Bears and Masters)

Equipment: none required – this is a safety training session for the use of rifles and the range

Note: you must complete the following before the first practice session, scheduled for December 15:

1) Register with Biathlon BC. You must be a registered member for 2012/13 as this provides the proper insurance to participate in the Biathlon program. Follow this link to learn how to register  For parents of Bears (except Masters, who should register in the Athlete category), please register as a Supporter so you can assist loading clips for your Bear.

2) Read and sign the Athlete Safety Agreement – follow this link

3) Read and sign the Athlete and Parent/Guardian Agreement – follow this link

Wow, sounds like a lot but it only takes a few minutes of your time! Please bring the two signed agreements to the December 1 session. We’ll have some blank copies there in case you forget. If you cannot make this meeting please let me know as soon as you can.

We’re really looking forward to a great Biathlon season – this will be the largest group of athletes in the program so far and we’re really excited to have you on board!

Coach Ken Ransom


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