September 21, 2021

Biathlon Bears Day Camp, BBQ and Range Work Party

This morning Bears athletes participated in a fun training session with head coach Chris Halldorson. Chris introduced roller skiing to everyone. Some older athletes were also on hand to participate and help out. Check out some of the action!

L-R Tyler, Charlie, Catherine, Camille, Jasmine, Tamiris, Maddi and Chris at Chris’ introductory roller ski session.
Chris explaining the finer points of skiing on pavement.
Go Charlie!

Following the roller skiing session we all moved to the range for the remainder of the morning.

How does Chris think up all of these fun range drills!? It was smiles all round:)

At the end of the range practice wrap up we all enjoyed a BBQ! Thank you Alison for setting everything up!

We finished with some painting to round off our range preparations for the year. Many thanks to Steve Fenning for organizing the work party. Our range is in good shape for another Telemark winter wonderland!

Good work! The range structure is ready for many more years of service. Thanks!
Michelle, Terry, Mellissa and Ben for the Win!

Thanks everyone for joining in the fun at the Bears Day Camp, BBQ and Range Work Party.

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