October 27, 2021

Biathlon Canada Buff Precision Shooting Competition

This competition is open to all Bears, Development, Advanced and Adult Telemark Biathlon athletes.  The competition is done once a month for the next six months.  In order to participate, you must have your 2014/15 Biathlon Canada membership paid for – no exceptions.  Click here for details to get your membership.

Details about the competition can be found by clicking here.

Our competition date for May will be Saturday, May 31 at 10 am at the Telemark Biathlon Range.  Click here if you are planning to come so we know who to expect.

If you are coming, you also need to print off and fill out the form, found on page three of this file (click here).

For those that need a rental rifle and ammo, the cost will be $10 per athlete per session.


So remember: (1) let us know if you are coming by signing up, (2) get your Biathlon Canada membership, (3) fill out the form on page 3 as per above, and (4) bring $10 if you need to rent a rifle and use club ammo.

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