October 26, 2021

Biathlon Comp-Int Coaching Course

Message from Pierre Beaudry:

Hello Biathlon Coaches

I am pleased to announce that the Biathlon Competition-Introduction Coaching course will be offered on the weekend of April 25-27 at the Otway Nordic Centre in Prince George. Alex Dumont, the main instructor, has confirmed his availability and is very keen to deliver it and I will be acting as co-instructor. We have lined up several grants and the facility will be provided by the Caledonia Nordic Ski Club. However, there are several significant costs associated with this course so a participation fee needs to be charged to cover all of the costs. For active coaches, some or all of these fees may be reimbursable by your Club, depending on each Club’s coach development policy.

Budget in summary:


Fees and expenses for Alex Dumont: $1,131.42

Snacks and local copies and paperwork: $120.00

Biathlon Canada Books and Manuals and registration fees: $3,750

Zone4 registration expenses: $80

Total Expenses: $5081.42


Investor’s Group Coaching Grant: $500

Grant from Dr Petar Georgyev: $500

Grant from Biathlon BC: $1,500

Participation Fees: $2580.00

Total Income: $5080.00

 Based on a total of 15 participants, fees for each participant have been set at: $172.00

Price Option #1: $172. This will be for most of you and will include all Biathlon Canada Resource materials

 Price Option #2: $100. This option will be for very few of you and will really only apply to those that may have two or more members of the same family registering for the course. This choice provides the option for the second member to register for the course, but not purchase any of the resource materials since the other member of the family will have purchased them already. Note that one set of resource materials for two people may make it a bit awkward to follow during the course. Also note that all of the resource materials are strictly copyrighted, so I can’t do any local photocopying.

I have set-up an on-line registration and payment site on Zone4 at the following link:



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