October 19, 2021

Biathon Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Dec 1, 2014, Cathy’s house. Meeting called to order by Cathy at 7:10 pm.

Attendees: Cathy, Lorraine, Lanita, Andrew, Michelle, Evan, John, Judie, Murray, Richard

  1. Current Program Registration Numbers:
    1. Bears: 12 (space for 8 more)
    2. Development: 6
    3. Advanced: 3
    4. Adult: 5
  2. Budget Update
    1. Adjustments needed to balance budget were discussed and agreed upon.
  3. Bears Orientation Date and Program Start Date
    1. Planning on Saturday December 13 for first practice
  4. Adult Start Date
    1. Cathy and Richard will determine when Wednesday evening practices begin and inform athletes.
  5. Regional Race Date and Volunteers
    1. Planning on SuperSprint Saturday Dec 27, Individual Sunday Dec 28. Will need lots of volunteers, so please plan to help out. Race posting will be up later this week.
  6. Coaching schedule and assignments for 14/15 season
    Bears: every Saturday starting Dec 13; Lorraine lead coach
    Adv/Dev: moving to winter schedule starting next week: Evan lead coach for Advanced; Michelle lead coach for Development
    Adult: Richard lead coach for Adult
  7. Raffle Tickets
    1. Will be available for distribution later this week. All families need to help sell these or we will have to further adjust our budget
  8. Groomer Training
    1. Shayne is recommended for training for Telemark Biathlon
  9. Exec Elections
    1. Cathy has finished her term as Chair; Michelle was elected as new chair. Thanks Cathy for the many, many hours you’ve spent and your superb leadership!

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 pm

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