October 26, 2021

Bronze at Nationals!

Great results for Jasper, Jennah and Tekarra at the Nationals.

Jennah: 10 km Individual: 5th, 6 km Sprint: 9th, 7.5 km Pursuit: 6th

Tekarra: 7.5 km Individual: 6th, 6 km Sprint: 7th, 7.5 km Pursuit: 6th

Jasper: 10 km Sprint: 5th, 12.5 km Pursuit: 8th, 15 km Mass Start: 7th

In the Relay event, Jasper and his team claimed a Bronze Medal, and Jennah and her team claimed a Bronze Medal as well!  Tekarra lead her team out on the first leg due to illness of the original starter, so she had to elbow her way around all the boys at the start, not an easy task as you’ll see in the photo.

Congrats to all three of our biathletes – fantastic way to finish off the season!

Jasper and his team: Bronze in the Relay!

Jasper and his relay team: Bronze!







Jennah and her relay team: Bronze

Jennah and her relay team: Bronze!







Tekarra leads off the relay race

Tekarra leads off the relay race

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