October 19, 2021

Cadets Schedule

The first session of the cadet program will start Saturday October 26 at 10:00. The program will include 8 sessions and will end with the Cadet Zone race on December 29.

 Cadets must bring:

1) Proof of BiBC membership in at least the recreational category

2) Proof of Telemark registration and fee payment in the Telemark Cadet biathlon program

3) Proof of purchase of Telemark youth ski pass

Item 1 can be supplied in the form of the receipt from the on-line membership registration.

Items 2 and 3 can be in the form of their completed registration forms with cheque attached or a receipt for purchase from the on-line registration.

Without all three items being supplied, the cadet will not be allowed to participate.


Please meet at the Telemark Biathlon Range at 10:00 Saturday morning.


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