October 26, 2021

Call for Volunteers…

We need a bit of help from everyone this weekend to assist with selling raffle tickets Saturday and Sunday at Fresh Air Experience on Harvey.  Even if you can only spare a half hour, that would be totally great!  The best thing is to have our athletes there in Telemark colours, but any cool ski gear will do – just look sporty!  Selling at FAE was easy last time Barry and Andrew were there – between Colton and Dana they sold over 60 tickets in just 3 hours (OK it was Telemark night there so perhaps a slight advantage…).  Andrew, Colton and Rory will be there from 1 pm on Saturday for an hour or two – so let Andrew or Barry know when you can make it on either day so we can plan ahead.  The more tickets we sell, the more funds we’ll have for biathlon and racing at Telemark this season!

We should have our ultra cool new Telemark Biathlon Banners on display too – be the first to see just how fantastic these look!

Colton has already sold over 50 tickets, so he is challenging any other Bear to beat that!


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