September 21, 2021

Canadian National Biathlon Team Women in West Kelowna

The Canadian National Women’s Biathlon Team is in Kelowna this week for a training camp.  Telemark advanced and development biathletes enjoyed a wonderful evening meeting Canada’s top biathletes and learning from their experiences competing at the World Cup and Olympic level. The Canadian team is comprised of two-time Olympians Rosanna Crawford and Megan Heinicke, along with Sarah Beaudry, Emma Lunder, and Julia Ransom.

Special thanks to Ken and Christine Ransom for hosting the team!

Click here for more details on the Canadian team.

Front: Emma Lunder, Audrey Vaillancourt. Back: Megan Heinicke, Julia Ransom, Rosanna Crawford,  Sarah Beaudry

Front: Emma Lunder, Audrey Vaillancourt Back: Erin, Julia Ransom,  Sarah Beaudry, Rosanna Crawford


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