October 27, 2021

Canmore Calforex Cup 2 Results

The team had a very successful trip to Alberta, coming away with multiple podiums in a very competitive environment – over 200 athletes from across Canada and the US were racing.  Congratulations to all our biathletes!

Team Kelowna – biathlon – all four biathletes were in action prepping for Innsbruck.  This was their first ever race using air rifles and the results were excellent.  As we struggled to get the air rifles to zero properly, we learned lots about competing with “strange” equipment and supporting each other.  Innsbruck is now only two weeks away!

Rory, Cameron, Makenna and Kira

Calforex Cup #2/WYJCH Trials, Canmore Olympic Park, Dec 19, 20

Tekarra Youth Women: 7th 6 km Sprint, 10th 7.5 km Pursuit

Colton Senior Boys: 20th 6 km Sprint, 11th 6.25 km Pursuit

Natalie: Dev 1 Girls: 2nd 3 km Sprint, 2nd 4 km Pursuit

Pascal: Dev 1 Boys: 12th 3 km Sprint, 11th 4 km Pursuit

Makenna: Air Rifle 2 Girls: 2nd 3 km Sprint, 2nd 4 km Pursuit

Kira: Air Rifle 2 Girls: 3rd 3 km Sprint, 4th 4 km Pursuit

Cameron: Air Rifle 2 Boys: 11th 3 km Sprint, 7th 4 km Pursuit

Rory: Air Rifle 2 Boys: 4th 3 km Sprint, 2nd 4 km Pursuit

NorAm#1/Calforex Cup#1, Canmore Olympic Park, Dec 16, 17, 2015

Tekarra Youth Women: 8th 6 km Sprint, 4th 7.5 km Mass Start

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