September 21, 2021

Bounding fun

Hill bounding above the Rose Valley Reservoir. Who dares, Wins!

Saturday Practice

A couple of photos from Saturday.

Spring Fun in the Sun

John and Murray skied Crystal Rim this afternoon. They started out from the yellow gate.  Conditions varied from full-on one skate to gingerly working around some deadfall.  By all accounts, it was a great outing!  Fortune favours the Brave, so..go for it!  And remember your sunscreen!

Love the ski shorts Murray!

Biathlon Season Windup

Thanks to Coach Chris and Murray for organizing our final event of the season.  In spite of Whistler-like conditions (rain, sleet, fog, wet snow), everyone had a great time doing the biathlon balloon relay race.  There is still a TON of snow up at Telemark, so take advantage of spring skiing conditions as much as you can.  A few pictures are below – there are more in the photo album.

Telemark in the news!

Thanks Murray for organizing with Global, and Coach Chris, Colton and Alex for showing how it is done!

Click here for Global News Video/

More Snow

Second time we’ve had to shovel off the snow – it just keeps coming!  Thanks Murray for doing it this time around (and Shayne for the first time).  More snow in the forecast…

Snowy Technical Building


Cheering on Julia!

Happy Parents!  Ken and Christine at the Olympics.

Biathlon Bears wishing all our Canadian Biathletes well. Nice poster!


Go Julia!

The Telemark Biathlon Race Team is competing at the Whistler Olympic Park this weekend, site of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The Team got together for a photo for Telemark’s Julia Ransom, currently competing in South Korea at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Go Julia!!!

Biathlon Demo Day

Come on out on Sunday, Oct 29 to the Telemark Biathlon Range for an opportunity to give biathlon a try.  Our coaches will teach you how to shoot a biathlon rifle like an Olympian!

Cost: $15 per person.  Includes Biathlon BC Day Membership, coaching instruction and two 5-shot magazines.  Extra magazines $5 each.

When: anytime between 12:30 and 14:30 Sunday afternoon.

Where: Telemark Biathlon Range

Strength with Sailors

Thanks to Coach Bryana and the Central Okanagan Sailing Association for a great time today.  Our biathletes joined up with Bryana’s sailors and enjoyed a strength training session, followed by an hour of paddle boarding – including soccer on the water on paddle boards!

Coach Bryana

Can you spot the biathletes in the photo?

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