October 27, 2021

Details for Work Party Saturday and Sunday

From Cathy:

Richard and Cathy have a general game plan on what needs to be done for all the work parties. We will adjust the plan based on how many and who are there to help and what tools people bring.

 Please post the following list of things to bring for the work party (bring whatever you can):


Paint brush and paint trays

ladder or step stool




table saw or skill saw

cordless drill and screwdriver

work clothes including work gloves and appropriate footwear (no sandals please)

any white paint you have hanging around the house that you want to get rid of (latex preferred)

electric sander


willingness to help

Here is a partial list of things that we may be doing

1. finish siding the back walls on the outhouses

2. cut and paint 14 or more plywood fronts for the shell collectors (plywood must be purchased)

3. change out the timber beams on the shell collectors

4. rock collection around the stadium to aid grooming

5. dig out the nine level footings for our timing hut

6. build the nine footing boxes for the timing hut (lumber must be purchased)

7. sand the rust off our two flagpoles

8. paint the two flagpoles

9. other things as identified



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