October 27, 2021

Equipment Check

As summer training starts to transition to fall training, time to check your roller ski gear!

(1) check your pole tips.  If they are dull, you will find your poles slipping out a lot more on the pavement.  The solution is easy – take a diamond hone and in a few minutes of careful work your poles tips will be sharp once more.

roller ski pole sharpen

(2) check your roller ski wheels.  If they are worn, you can order in replacements within a week.  Rollerskishop.com is in the States, a set of four wheels costs US$80, including shipping.  You should order Speed 2 wheels.  While you are at it, check to make sure the bolt and nut that hold each wheel in place are properly tightened and that your bindings are not loose.

roller ski wheels

(3) make sure you have a reflective safety vest to use when roller skiing.  As the days get shorter, this becomes ultra important.

(4) you can get some flashing lights to attach to your safety vest or water bottle carrier, or even your helmet to increase visibility.

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