October 26, 2021

Firearms Safety Course Offered in West Kelowna – Get your PAL!

Hey there folks. Have you been wondering how to get your firearms Procurement and Acquisition License (PAL)? Well, here is an interesting course offering that is an essential qualification for anyone involved with Biathlon. Completing the Canadian Firearms Safety Course leads to you being issued a PAL. As a parent please consider getting this license. If your child is keen on pursuing Biathlon then a Minor’s PAL would be indicated as well. The minimum age to get a Minor’s PAL is 12 years old.

Thanks to Scott Hanry for getting the word out about this course serial.

Steve Holmes is putting on a PAL course for Non-Restricted firearms (that is the Biathlon rifle category) in West Kelowna on October 5 and 6. If you are interested please contact gunmansteve@hotmail.com

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