October 19, 2021

Nationals have begun

It’s been a bit cold in Charlo New Brunswick but things are heating up with the Sprint race about to start on Wednesday.  Thursday will see the Pursuit, Relays on Saturday and the Individual on Sunday.

First out for Team BC will be Jasper in the Men category.

Julia Ransom will be one of four Canadian women from the national team racing in the Women category – that’s going to be intense!  Go Julia!

Natalie will lead off Team BC in the Senior Girls category, with Danica and Kira not far behind.  There are six Senior Girls from BC in the category.

Colton will race in the afternoon, one of five BC Youth Men.

Best wishes for our Telemark athletes, and good luck to all Team BC for a wonderful National Championships!

The results will be posted on Zone4.

Kira was the flag bearer leading in Team BC!


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