October 19, 2021

Need a Telemark Race Team uniform?

From Tim Mayer (Telemark Junior Racers):

The Revolving JAKROO Custom Store has been set-up and is ready for placing orders. Stores are closed and reset every 2 weeks, pricing is set at 3-5 items. You can access your store at http://shop.jakroo.ca/Telemark-Nordic-Club. Login using the following: Sign in at top right hand of the screen (register) or same login as previous store.

NOTE: if you are using a Mac and Safari software there have been problems with screen freezing, we are working on resolving this issue. If possible Chrome works best.  Please do not share your login and password.

Once you place your order, you can track its status by clicking the “My Orders” link at the top left of the page and selecting “See Orders” under the ORDERS tab.

If you experience any difficulties accessing your account, placing an order or tracking the status of an order, please contact us at info@jakroo.ca or by phone at 1.877.567.2010  If you have any other questions about the uniform itself, please call me.

I have been looking into winter jackets for the racers this season.  One option is the Stormtech Axis thermal in black

http://www.stormtech.ca/gsx-2y-youth-axis-jacket.html#.VDM8JUvIpz8 with embroidery on front and back ,the cost will be around $70-80. We would have to order this week and the supplier cannot confirm if they are in stock until the order is made.  Another option is for people to find or use their own jacket,  There are some jackets of varying weight and prices from http://www.thenorthface.com/catalog/ca_ecom/en/sc-gear/boys-8217-apex-elevation.html such as the Apex and there are some puffer options that come in black.  We would then set it up so you would bring it in to be embroidered on your own. Cost for embroidery would probably be in the $20 range. If you are interested in getting a jacket this year please contact me at 250-862-6606 or kumitim@telus.net.  Also, does anyone require a fit kit from Jakroo this year.
Tim Mayer
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