July 27, 2021

Notes from July 2013 Parent Meeting

Meeting started at 7:49 pm, Cathy chairing

Attendees: Cathy, Marianne, Lorraine, Andrew, Shayne, Evan, Iva, Dianne, Leanne, Thomas, Judie, Piper, Michelle

Timing building construction costs and schedule

Quote from Home Depot for 16 x 20 building (everything except footings).  Cathy circulated package for review.  Telemark Nordic board has approved on the understanding that Telemark Biathlon fully funds the project.  Total cost including taxes would be $6672.75, but need to add in concrete costs.

Need a manager to oversee volunteers during construction.

Motion: “Telemark Biathlon to hire a manager to oversee the project; estimated cost $1000” moved Cathy, seconded by Marianne, approved.

Coaches, potential coaches, coaching courses

BiBC hasn’t been able to retain their exec assistant (who used to instruct IC1 and IC2) so we need to determine how to complete the ski assessment for IC1. It is unknown if there will be an IC1 or IC2 course.

We should investigate running a Biathlon Gold course in early fall (Cathy will check).

For Bears, need minimum Biathlon Gold and PAL to lead, Biathlon Silver and PAL to assist at the range.

Fall Telemark Biathlon Camp

Marianne to check with Telemark Nordic on available weekends in September; Andrew to coordinate similar to last year.  Last year’s two-day (Sat/Sun) camp was a good event so there was strong support to do this again.

Sponsor profile on Telemark Biathlon website

Junior Racers use the following guideline:

Anyone who donates $500+ in cash gets a long listing on the sponsor page, a slot in the rotating ad on the vertical menu with the rotation frequency weighted by the amount they contribute, listing on the club web page in 2 spots, and a spot on the logo board in the lodge. Plus they are included in a sponsor section in the junior race team parent orientation seminar in December. Plus they are sent a team update in January and an “account report” sometime over the summer with feedback on what they got for their investment. Anyone donating more than $100 cash or in-kind get a logo and business description on the race sponsor page.

Discussion followed on the pros/cons and the desire for some supporters to remain anonymous.

Motion: “To develop a policy for sponsor profile on the Telemark Biathlon website” moved by Cathy, seconded by Shayne, approved. Note: we need to nsure the ability for anonymity.  Andrew to develop policy.

Financial Report

Will approve budget next meeting.

Rifle purchase status

Cathy getting final quotes; dealer can also import Iszmash, Larsen, etc. Takes about 3 months to get rifle from purchase date, Cathy will order asap (was approved at previous parent meeting)

Club ammunition purchase status

Lorraine has purchased 1 case of Fiochi from Weber and Mack; the cost is $40/brick including taxes.  Still working on Standard Plus, Federal Premium and Lapua.

 Club rifle outfitting and modifications

Coaches to assess current club rifles to see if handstop rails require moving back, purchase new trigger locks (cable/combination style), and supports for standing shooting.

Range maintenance planning

Need to clean target line to allow for maintenance; Cathy contact Ken Byram to determine his schedule, then set up cleaning time.  Need to assign two individuals for this task and have them fitted properly for appropriate dust filter mask, purchase paper coveralls.

Washroom finishing

Need to put on outside siding, finish roof, and adding shelf for each – possibly during fall camp.

 Program schedule planning

Nothing to report at this point.

Shirt, coffee mugs, mouse pads, IPhone covers with Telemark Race Team logo

Barry and Cindy have arranged an opportunity to purchase items with logos (suitable for either Junior Racers or Biathlon).  Ordering information will be available soon.

Tree-planting $777.50

Telemark Biathlon volunteers raised $777.50 from this event.  We will invite Heartland folks for a WFN Demo Day. Marianne to see if grant available.

Meeting adjourned at 9:22 pm

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