October 27, 2021

Notes from Parents Meeting

Meeting started at 7:10 pm, Cathy chairing

Attendees: Cathy, Marianne, Lorraine, Andrew, Shayne, Evan, Lanita, Iva, Dianne, Leanne

2012/13 Season Review

Masters – good start to program

Bears – strong enrolments

Cadets – will refund $50 for those who were in an additional Telemark Biathlon program

Biathon BC Cup – very successful event

Nationals very good results (see website)

For season: 161 race entrants, 51 podiums, 117 top 10 finishes

Programs for 2013/14

Cadets – program fees will increase to $135, paid directly to Telemark Biathlon (program will start earlier)

Bears: two groups (divided based on ability or experience) at same time depending on coaching (may have to cap registration); rifle rental will be $60 regardless of type (air or .22)

Masters expected to grow and will now charge for ammunition

Switch Development to Tuesday evenings and Masters to Wednesday evenings so Development athletes can join Junior Development or Telemark Racers training

Switch to Fiochi ammo for club use to reduce cost

Rifles: need more rifles for Bears – have put in club development grant for $3000 for new rifles: looking at Savage biathlon rifles, $500 each, not sufficient for racing but suitable for Bears or introductory Masters (lightweight rifle) – would like to purchase 6 rifles

Biathlon Races for 2013/14

Cadet Zone (end of December or first week of January)

Regional race is a possibility

BC Winter Games Zone race – second week in January

Possible mock races or training races – race where parents/athletes/officials/volunteers can ask questions, etc.

Coaching opportunities for 2013/14

Richard will help with Masters

Coaching Courses: Biathlon Gold or IC1/IC2 – will check into both to determine cost and report back

Need to encourage parents to volunteer with coaching, likely set courses for fall

Officials course: look at running one in combination with Sovereign

PAL course – see if we can line this up for September or October

Financial Report

Can’t present detailed budget yet as still working on transition details

Outhouses: Telemark Nordic will reimburse for some costs

Tree planning opportunity for fundraising over 3 weekends in May/June (last year raised over $1200)

Timing hut beside range – good place for kids/parents to warm up, lock up rifles during training; building 12×16: $5600 – but we need bigger, so could cost $9000 for larger; volunteer construction, would need building permit b/c over 100 sq ft; would wire for electricity; not a permanent structure; will require Telemark Nordic approval; keeps rifles out of Telemark parking lot to reduce likelihood of theft

Motion: exec to explore options for timing hut up to $9,000 provided the budget accommodates and Telemark Nordic approves (Cathy moved, Shayne seconded; approved)

Other priorities: lead dust clean-up costs should be budgeted – explore with Ken B.

Rifle Purchases

Bears rifle purchase from Club Development Grant: To allocate $3000 for purchase of up to 6 savage rifles (moved Cathy, seconded Shayne, approved)

Range Upgrades and Maintenance

Awning needs to be constructed

Outhouses need to be completed

Target maintenance – Ken B may provide some training

Generator maintenance

Lead dust cleanup needs to be done

Need to create documentation for typical maintenance procedures, schedule, etc.

Plan another weekend camp-out event for September similar to last year


Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm


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