October 19, 2021

November Precision Shooting Results

The Biathlon Canada Buff Precision Shooting Competition has now wrapped up.  Congratulations to all the Telemark Biathletes who competed, bringing home 14 podium finishes!  Dave showed us all how it is done, with 3 first place finishes.

Over the course of the season, Dave had the highest score of any Telemark Biathlete with a solid 275/400, just ahead of Tekarra with 274/400.  Tekarra also took the high score of our Telemark Biathletes in the 20 shot without rests category, with a nice 171/200, while Rory put it together in the last session in the 20 shot with rests category notching up 161/200 points.

Dave (Open Men) 1st

Murray (Open Men) 6th

Lanita (Open Women) 4th

Carson (Youth Men) 9th

Sam (Youth Men) 12th

Tekarra (Youth Women) 2nd

Jennah (Youth Women) 4th

Hailee (Youth Women) 5th

Devon (Youth Women) 12th

Hudson (Senior Boys) 12th

Rory (Novice using rests) 6th

Kira (Novice using rests) 9th

Colton (Novice using rests) 14th


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