October 27, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting

When: Wednesday March 11 at 7 pm

Where: Cathy’s house: 1056 Avondale Place (West Kelowna)

This is our season wind-up meeting.  All parents (Bears, Development and Advanced) and adult biathletes should attend.

1) International Children’s Games selection/etc

2) Finances
– update on raffle
– update on public races and demo days
– update on expenses to date

3) BC Winter Games update

4) coaching plan for May onwards, debrief on this year’s plan

5) financial support for Nationals plus Jasper/Julia

6) firing line construction thoughts

7) spring/summer maintenance plans

8) coach training, PAL training plans

9) spring/summer fun race series?

10) Telemark Nordic Club Board meeting update

11) Donation of Atco trailer for storage or wax room at range.

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