October 19, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting

When: Wednesday, September 2, 6:00 pm

Location: S103B (Boardroom) Okanagan College, 1000 KLO Road, Kelowna

OC Kelowna Campus


  • support for Ski League calendar proposal – MICHELLE
  • program fees for 15/16, including rifle rental fees – LORRAINE
  • firing line construction timelines, plans, etc – RICHARD/CATHY
  • fall work camp dates – MICHELLE
  • regional race dates,  zone qualification race for BC Winter Games – MICHELLE
  • BC Winter Games hosting update – ED/LORRAINE
  • BC Winter Games chaperon/coaching – typically need one female, one male – MICHELLE
  • coaching plan for BC Cup races – MICHELLE
  • budget update and assessment of funds available for coaching – LORRAINE
  • coaching update – including plans to work with x-c race team – MICHELLE
  • fundraising plans including grants – what are we going to apply for, who is responsible, etc. – MICHELLE
  • elections of new officers – Lorraine and Lanita have terms that expire in odd number years whereas Michelle and Andrew have positions that expire in even years according to our bylaws. This occurs every September and we have to do an election for expired positions – MICHELLE
  • requirement to update range information with Chief Firearms Officer – we have people listed who are no longer involved and we now have new people to consider.  We have to send in updated information, so need to know who we want listed. – ANDREW
  • storage of private information (e.g. athlete/parent agreements and the like).  Secretary is responsible for this, just need to determine how we want this done, when old records should be destroyed, etc.  – ANDREW
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