October 19, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Meeting started: Wednesday March 11 at 7:15 pm

Attendees: Michelle, Lorraine, Cathy, Evan, Ed, Murray, Judie, Richard

  1. International Children’s Games selection/etc
  • Need to send 2 boys, 2 girls, birth years 2001, 2002, 2003
  • Must be Telemark Nordic Club members
  • Kira, Makenna, Rory, Cameron are possible biathletes to attend; have alternate from x-c available;
  • Organizers need a female coach – either Lorraine or Michelle.  Andrew would be other coach.
  • Michelle to check with x-c race team on joint funding applications.
  1. Finances
  • Update on raffle: sold 1,635 of possible 2000 tickets between x-c racing and biathlon.  Biathlon revenue $1,500 (gross before expenses)
  • Public Races and Demo Days: about $800 revenue (gross before expenses)
  • Regional Race revenue: $1,340 (gross before expenses)
  • Program fee and rifle rental revenue: $6,325
  • Lorraine provided an update on grants and other expenses.
  • Expect to have funds to put towards firing line construction
  1. BC Winter Games update
  • Ed and Lorraine are working with Ken as the sport chairs for the biathlon event
  • We will need to capture the true cost of hosting the event, including range upgrades, grooming, volunteer lunches, etc.
  1. coaching plan for May onwards, debrief on this year’s plan
  • Need to start by mid-April
  • Put out call for expression of interest for coaches
  • Michelle to discuss with Brent regarding having biathlon/x-c join up for dryland training starting in April
  • Will meet with Jasper and coaches to debrief on season – tentatively April 1
  1. Telemark Nordic Club Board meeting update
  • Hut and range facilities will be insured by TNC annually.
  • Garbage removal and washroom maintenance will be looked after by TNC general manager
  • TNC Board previously approved us to hold biathlon BC Winter Games at TNC.
  1. financial support for Nationals plus Jasper/Julia
  • $3000 available as usual
  • Julia: $1,000 to support international competition
  • Jasper, Jennah, Tekarra: $667 each to support national competition
  • Motion: To recommend allocate TNC support funds as noted above. Moved by Murray, Seconded Richard, Approved.
  • Michelle to contact athletes to remind them of requirement to provide a letter to us indicating the request for support, etc.
  1. firing line construction
  • Richard and Cathy will move this along. Richard will have equipment available in June or July to conduct necessary excavation. Will need to put up forms, rebar, and pour concrete.
  1. spring/summer maintenance plans
  • Check and repair mechanisms including bearings, springs, cables (Murray and Bruce, early July)
  • Replace damaged paddles (Murray and Bruce, early July)
  • Refinish target survaces (Murray, Bruce, volunteers, early August)
  • Replace wood fronts and timbers in bullet catchers (volunteers, early August)
  • Replace damaged target pull lines and wood spools (volunteers, fall camp)
  • Paint target line storage building (volunteers, fall camp)
  1. PAL training plans
  • Several athletes and parents need course. Anyone who knows of a course, please contact Andrew
  1. spring/summer fun race series
  • There is widespread interest in doing this, need to assess further in terms of timing if firing line under construction, etc.
  1. Donation of Atco trailer for storage or wax room at range
  • Richard has secured a trailer for TNC biathlon.   Trailer is in good condition.
  • Could be used to replace mat shed by range.
  • Michelle or Lanita will check with TNC to see if there is support for this.
  1. Website update
  • Average 34 views/day
  • Home page most viewed, followed by Calendar, Photos and Biathlon Gear pages

Meeting adjourned: 9:20 PM

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