October 26, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Attendees: Michelle, Lorraine, Ed, Cathy, Richard, Evan, Murray, Andrew

Meeting started at 6:19 pm at Okanagan College

  1. Minutes from last meeting – Cathy moved, Richard seconded, approved
  2. support for Ski League calendar proposal
    • check to see if there could be an optional element added to the family registration – those that want a calendar could add that to their membership fee
  3. Trail signage: to recognize significant individuals who have contributed to Telemark or those families that want to make a donation – family would purchase a trail blaze that show people which way the trail goes. These are placed on trees (or posts dug into the ground where there are no trees to hang from).
    • Group is supportive of concept
    • Cathy willing to assist Telemark with the initiative
  4. program fees for 15/16, including rifle rental fees (also noting ammunition costs continue to increase)
    • all program fees to increase by 2% as usual (round to nearest $1);
    • Bears to increase by $5
    • rifle rental: increase by $5
    • Murray moved, Loraine seconded: approved.
  5. firing line construction timelines, plans, etc.
    • $6K approx., but may vary due to concrete needed, starting tomorrow.
    • Excavate areas, form and pour concrete footings, then wall, etc.
    • Complete likely in a week or two; we will have to put in drainage and rock backfill
    • Room in budget to do more: lower apron or firing line apron
    • Get quote for upper apron and proceed if within budget – Murray moved, Andrew seconded, approved
  6. fall work camp dates
    • paint mat hut;
    • another layer of paint on targets
    • fort: window trim, shelves and coat hooks
    • lane marker supports
    • date chosen: Oct 17/18 Richard moves, Murray seconds, approved
  7. Regional race dates
    • need to be have the zone qualifier unless SLNC does it.
    • We are looking at Dec 27 (one day)
    • Murray moved, Cathy seconded, approved
    • Zone rep: TBD
  8. BC Winter Games hosting update
    • Sport chair meeting (Lorraine and Ed attended, Ken as well)
    • Site tour on the 26th
    • Meeting later in the month
    • Volunteers will be needed, will start to call for assistance (need 40 each day)
    • Should put Sprint on Saturday to have more volunteers available
    • Unofficial practice day on Thursday (range closed)
    • Lunch distribution area likely at Fort
    • Requested warming tent
    • BiBC likely supplying timing equipment, TD
    • Need to consider officials course to train some volunteers
  9. BC Winter Games chaperon/coaching – need one female coach, one male coach – to be determined closer to the event.
  10. coaching plan for BC Cup races – discussed but no conclusions reached
  11. budget update and assessment of funds available for coaching – will wait to assess after the firing line work has been completed
  12. coaching update
    • Weeknight times same as last year
    • Saturday – consider moving Bears back to 8:30 am start, Adv/Dev/Masters at 10 am for range practice. Lorraine to check with past Bears families regarding practice time for Bears
  13. Grant applications – Murray will coordinate applications
  14. elections of new officers
    • Lorraine elected for two year term as Treasurer
    • Vice Chair position vacant – nominations requested
  15. requirement to update range information with Chief Firearms Officer
    • need to update list of officers – Andrew will add Michelle and Murray, remove Rob and Marianne
  16. storage of private information (e.g. athlete/parent agreements, medical information, etc).
    • Secretary is responsible for this, will destroy forms at the beginning of each season as soon as new forms have been completed and are on file
    • Will store information in locked file box, keys only available to executive and head coach
    • Head coach will store information electronically in a safe manner to have on hand when practices not at Telemark
  17. Note that there is a roller ski biathlon race in WOP coming up at the end of September.

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm


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