October 27, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Attendees: Michelle, Lorraine, Andrew, Murray, Ed, Mark, Jeff

  • Fresh Air Experience Raffle. Agreed to participate (moved Murray, seconded Ed), with thanks to Fresh Air for their support. Want to consider two weekend days where we can all take turns selling tickets at a prime location – also good opportunity to raise awareness of public race dates.
  • BCWG update: call for volunteers is underway. Officials training still being organized, online modules available. Contact Ed or Lorraine for more info.
  • Demo day: first one will run November 14, Murray organizing. Will be part of Sports Day, still waiting for funding confirmation.
  • Bridge to Biathlon for aboriginal groups – will determine if WBFN would be interested in this. Michelle will contact WBFN. Might do this November 14.
  • Location for new mat shed/storage building confirmed (demolish old mat shed, move new trailer into that location)
  • Times for Bears verified as 8:30 am start on Saturdays; Advanced/Development at 10 am once Bears start. Tuesday evening range practices for Adv/Dev start at 6:30 pm, Adv/Masters Wednesday evenings at 6:30 pm.
  • Coaching support discussed, Michelle to check with Telemark.
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