October 26, 2021

Parent Committee Meeting Notes

July 2, 2014, 7:20 pm, Marianne’s house

Attendees: Cathy, Lorraine, Marianne, Andrew, Evan, Shayne, Donna, Lanita, Michelle, Richard, Ed

  1. Parent Committee By-Laws
    1. Minor changes:
      1.  added “and withdrawals” to the first bullet under Article I
      2. added “(any Committee member may submit an agenda item for consideration prior to the meeting)” to Section 2
      3. added “The Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the annual Biathlon BC club membership.” to Section 2
      4. added “At least two Committee Officers must be present.” to Article VI Quorum.
    2. Motion: to approve the By-Laws with changes noted above: moved by Richard, seconded by Shayne, passed.
  2. Coaching Plan for 14/15
    1. Jasper joined by Skype to suggest the following:
      1. Plan should follow the Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan, with training hours increasing with the age of the athlete;
      2. Success should be celebrated and the programs should be fun
      3. Access to expert knowledge and tools is essential
      4. Everyone should, in general, follow the same program, adjusted for the age of the athlete
      5. A program that is enjoyable and still focused can produce high level athletes.
    2. Summer Plan
      1. Hailee and Carson running fitness training sessions with guidance from Jasper
      2. Evan overseeing shooting lessons at the Telemark Range; Andrew overseeing shooting lessons at the Kelowna Fish and Game Club; lesson plans provided by Jasper
      3. Roller ski sessions available starting on Sunday evening with Andrew
    3. Long Term Plan
      1. Discussion
        1. Likely will have to assign a parent to be “head coach” at each race – in favour of providing some financial support for this purpose
        2. Need to ensure Bears Parents understand the necessary commitment to be directly involved at practices
      2. We have received a variety applications for coaching
      3. Committee Officers to further develop model based on discussion and assess financial requirements – perhaps pilot the plan for one season then reassess

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm

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