October 26, 2021

Race Team Update

Biathlon BC Cup 3 at Burns Lake is now in the books.  With gusty winds on Saturday (even some shooting mats blew off the range) and cold, clear skies on Sunday (everything delayed by an hour, as it was -30C in the wee hours of the morning), it was a challenging weekend for athletes and coaches alike.  Three of our athletes made the long trek north: Colton, Natalie and Kira.  The folks at Ominica Ski Club put on a fabulous event as always, complete with live entertainment at the Banquet and a Sasquatch Biathlete skiing through the range on Sunday!

In the sprint on Saturday, Colton narrowly missed out on first place by 6 seconds, but strong prone shooting on Sunday sent him away in the lead in the Pursuit to bring back a first place finish.

Our Senior Girls did great as usual, with Natalie finishing third and second, Kira finishing 5th and 4th.   so everyone in the top 5 and 4 podiums – that is another great result!

Next up: the Biathlon BC Championships, right here at Telemark.

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