October 26, 2021

Recent Race News

It’s been a busy few weeks with our athletes competing on the Biathlon BC Cup circuit in Quesnel mid-January, then Whistler Olympic Park at the end of January, then off to Burns Lake this coming weekend.  Everyone has been having a great time, competing to the best of their ability each weekend.

Colton has placed well with a couple of 4ths in Quesnel, then a superb 2nd (clean-clean shooting) in Whistler.  He is currently in third place in the Senior Boys BC Cup standings.

Natalie continues her great season, leading the Senior Girls category in the BC Cup standings, placing first in both races in Quesnel and 3rd in both races in Whistler.

Danica is showing great promise with a 4th and 5th place finishes in Quesnel, then 1st and 2nd place finishes in Whistler.  She currently sits in fourth place in the Senior Girls BC Cup standings.

Makenna is leading the Junior Girls BC Cup standings, with 1st and 2nd place finishes in Quesnel and 1st and 2nd place finishes in Whistler.

Kira continues to impress, with finishes in 4th and 6th place finishes in Quesnel and 2nd and 4th place finishes in Whistler.  She is currently placed third in the BC Cup points standings.

Rory has been competing against some very competitive boys and sits fifth in the Junior Boys standings.

Jonah has had some great results in the Midget categories – 3rd in Quesnel and  3rd in Whistler.

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