October 19, 2021

Request for Feedback from Telemark Racers: Track Attack, JD, TR

From Barry – Telemark Racers

At the Telemark Racers parent meeting last week, the group agreed to take off-line a discussion about Track Attack, Junior Development (JD) and Telemark Racers (TR) program categories, schedules, and fees. Can you please send Barry a private email with your requests or comments, which he will collect and discuss with Coach Adam next week.  To summarize what Barry heard at the meeting:

– “JD is too big of a step from Jackrabbits, both in terms of time and money.”
– “I have kids in TR and in JD so I have to be at Telemark four days per week.”
– “My child wants to ski with his/her friends in TR1 but the cost is too high or I can’t commit to the additional days, so I will stick with JD.”
– “I need skis just for this year, until older sibling passes down some skis.”
– “What is Track Attack?”

Budgets and schedules are already set for the coming season.  In fact, we are already racing!  So no promises. But we promise to look at every request and try to find a way to accommodate you.  After all, we do this for the kids and we want them to have a good experience.

Several people asked “What is track attack?”  Check out this FAQ.

There were not enough registrations this year to run a Track Attack program, but there is still a chance that we can offer one if we find 5 more athletes to register.

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