October 19, 2021

Saturday December 7 morning update

It is extremely cold today (currently -18C at the Kelowna Airport and -24C at the Crystal Rim weather station).  Here are details on today’s practices.

Bears Orientation: we are inside for this, so we are still “on” for orientation at 8:30 am.  We should be done by 10 am.

Bears Grizzly/Polar practice: cancelled – first range practice will be next Saturday

Adv/Dev range practice at 8 am: cancelled – dry fire practice at home instead.  If you really want to go up, Richard will be there and you can practice, up to you.  But dress super warm and bring hand/foot warmers!

Adv/Dev ski practice at 10 am: up to you.  Come only if you are properly prepared for these temperatures.

Masters practice: Richard will be at the range at 8 am, so up to you if you want to practice.

Cadet practice: cancelled

Demo Days: moved to next Saturday afternoon

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