October 27, 2021

Solid results at BC Cup 1 in Whistler Olympic Park

The Telemark Biathlon race team made a strong showing in difficult conditions at Whistler Olympic Park – the snow was coming down fast and thick on Saturday and didn’t quit on Sunday either.  A complete listing of results can be found here.

Six podiums and 20 finishes in the top 10 showed the strength of the team.  Jennah had the closest finish on the weekend, finishing in first by just 1.0 seconds in the 6 km Sprint!  What is more remarkable about that is that Jennah broke a pole on course, and Lanita, who was on course in the Masters Women competition, immediately gave Jennah one of her poles.  Lanita still managed to finish 2nd.  That’s the team spirit that helped Telemark Biathlon to be named the top club in BC for 2012-13, an award which was given out at the reception on Saturday night.

Thanks to all the athletes for trying their best and for the support team that made the weekend run so smoothly – even when Dave had a flat tire just before heading out early Saturday morning to finish waxing the skis!

Coaches Evan and Dave buried in snow...

Coaches Evan and Dave buried in snow…

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