September 21, 2021

Summer or Fall Telemark Biathlon Camp

We are planning a summer/fall biathlon camp for all Telemark Biathletes and their families.  We need to know what weekends will work for you.  Please follow this link to let us know.

The target audience would be all Telemark Club Biathlon members from Bears to Masters and also includes parents, siblings and new coaches. It would be a two-day weekend event with the option of camping out in the Stadium area or going home at night.


  • Get to know the biathlon club members and families
  • Provide a training opportunity to younger biathletes
  • Provide a mentoring opportunity for older athletes
  • Provide coaching opportunity for our newest coaches
  • Train all parents in the Range Safety protocol so they can become Range Safety Supervisors
  • Provide an informal setting to disseminate information, answer questions and get program feedback
  • Fun participation summer biathlon event with all attendees (old and young)
  • Fun! Family! Challenge!

This will be a totally volunteer led club event, with the biathlon component run by our volunteer Bears and higher coaches. Minimal charge to cover the costs of lunches, ammo, etc.  Family potluck on the Saturday night in the chalet.

We are looking for input from all Telemark Biathlon members on possible dates for this club camp, so use the link above to let us know – it is quick and easy to respond!

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