October 27, 2021

Telemark Biathlon BC Cup #1 Report

Telemark biathletes were out in force for this season’s first Biathlon BC Cup at the Whistler Olympic Park this past weekend, with twelve members of our team in attendance from midget through youth men/women.  The team did very well as usual, with ten podium finishes over the two days of competition.  Congratulations to all of our athletes and special thanks to the great group of parents and coaches who ensured our athletes were well prepared and supported!

A nice surprise on Sunday happened in the middle of the competition, with our athletes out on course, when the commentator got Julia Ransom on the phone just before she left for Obertilliach, Austria for the 2013 IBU Youth and Junior World Championships.  Julia wished our athletes well and encouraged them on.  Julia and Jasper, both Telemark athletes, are amongst 5 biathletes from BC who are racing at the YJWCH this weekend.

For detailed results information, click here

bc cup 1


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