October 19, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Parent Committee Meeting Notes

Attendees: Michelle, Lorraine, Andrew, Cathy, Richard, Lanita, Mark, John, Ed, Shendah, Shayne, Alison

Date: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Meeting called to order by Michelle at 18:40, adjourned at 21:05

  1. 2015/16 Season Review
    1. review of programs and results – postpone this item until next meeting
    2. recommendation for athlete financial support for nationals/international race attendance, for Board consideration
      1. Telemark Nordic Club Board already approved $1000 each for Julia, Jasper and Tekarra
      2. motion: provide $400 for Colton to attend nationals from Telemark Biathlon funds – moved Cathy, seconded Shayne, approved.
      3. Provide $200 each for ICG biathletes towards travel from Telemark Biathlon funds (total $800) – Shayne moved, Richard seconded, approved
      4. Possible date for season wrap-up event – May 7th; Michelle to check availability of Telemark Lodge
  1. BiBC AGM
    1. Whistler Athletes Centre, May 13/14 – need to identify attendee (each club gets votes based on size of membership) – some costs may be covered by BiBC for club official to attend
    2. Secretary Position – Cathy finishing up second term, need to be at AGM to get opportunity to take on position if interested
  2. Programs for 2016/17
    1. Program proposal will be further reviewed next meeting
    2. practice times/days for spring/summer training
      1. have everyone send times for athlete training availability to Andrew
    3. dryland training, including summer
    4. summer camps
      1. Michelle will check with Chris
  1. Safety
    1. Designated Range Officer
      1. Need to set a schedule and designate this role; Andrew to develop possible schedule
    2. Telemark Biathlon Range Safety Policy – change needed to section 4
      1. Need to add reference to snowshoeing
      2. Need range diagram for ramp set-up in addition to site plan – Andrew, Richard and Cathy to develop, bring changes to next meeting for approval
  1. Biathlon races for 2016/17
    1. regional race
      1. would like to host a Regional Competition
        1. Richard moved, seconded Cathy, approved
        2. Date: Saturday Dec 31 – Richard moved, seconded Andrew, approved
      2. Biathlon BC Cup
        1. Would like to host a BC Cup race next season
          1. Possible date: second weekend in January – Richard moved, Ed seconded, approved
          2. Michelle to check to see if OK with Telemark Nordic Club
        2. demo races
          1. Demo races – not planning to run any next season due to poor attendance
          2. plan for a demo day in November 19th – Richard moves, Shayne seconds, approved
  1. Coaching opportunities for 2016/17
    1. possible coaching courses
      1. Bears
        1. Will be losing some coaches, need to get other parents to get trained and involved, likely a Gold Biathlon course needed
        2. Send email to parents to gauge interest (Lorraine)
      2. PAL – several athletes and parents need to take the course – Lorraine will check into possible course instructor and dates
    2. coach development forms for Chris – Michelle will sign off on these
  1. Financial report
    1. Grants
      1. BiBC: need to submit Bridge to Biathlon report to complete grant requirements
      2. West Kelowna $2500 for range improvements
      3. Buff Sales: approx. $400
    2.  Raffle
      1. Total sold: $5720. Biathlon $1068.  Will be less than this due to cost for raffle license (split 50-50 with x-c team)
      2.  Budget
        1. Account was reviewed, financial situation positive. Still some expenses to come in as well as revenue from program fees and BCWG
        2. BCWG: all costs covered, including contribution for wall construction and range maintenance
  1. Range upgrades and maintenance
    1. Lights: electrician may donate baseboard heaters, light fixtures on range posts ($2500 grant from West Kelowna will cover conduit, wiring, etc.)
    2. Need to address lane numbering colour issue
    3. Need to rework lane marker support posts (higher, further away)
    4. need to put roof onto trailer
    5. need two more posts on fence line (one at each end) to assist with grooming
    6. need quotes prior to commencing work
  1. Rifle policy, storage, maintenance
    1. off season storage
      1. Shendah to look into option for Savages, check with Murray for Izhmash
    2. storage during season
      1. current arrangement satisfactory, although may need new safe. Richard to check over summer to see what is needed.
      2. serial numbers and ownership – Andrew to check on how ownership is transferred to Telemark Biathlon
    3. cleaning and maintenance assignment
      1. possible gunsmith in Oliver, $35 per rifle for maintenance – Richard will check out gunsmith, Shendah can transport to gunsmith once verified
    4. Policy proposal
      1. cost of maintenance could be passed on to renter
      2. when renting, must be cleaned regularly
      3. service should be done before returning
      4. lots of good ideas in Chris’ policy
      5. some concern about pricing
      6. will rework policy for next meeting – Richard/Shayne moved, seconded
  1. Purchases
    1. Wax and rollerski order – watch x-c racers website
    2. Rob’s equipment for sale – Chris to check prices and condition of wax form, roller skis
  1. Policies (for information)
    1. Telemark Nordic Club Policy summary was provided for information
    2. Parent Committee Bylaws were provided for information
  2. Website Statistics
    1. Statistics were provided for information
  1. Tree planting
    1. After May long weekend, probably one weekend – Richard to confirm
  1. Next meeting date, time and location
    1. April 13, 6:30 pm, Alpine Aerotech
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