September 21, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Parent Committee Meeting Notes

April 27, 2014, 3 pm, Marianne’s house
Attendees: Cathy, Lorraine, Marianne, Andrew, Evan, Shayne, Dave, Bruce, Diane, Murray, Donna, Judie

1. 2013/14 Season Review

a. review of programs and results

i. 120 race entries (regionals, BC Cups, NorAms, Nationals, etc)
ii. 40 podiums (10 1st, 16 2nd, 14 3rd) = 32% of race starts resulted in podium finishes
iii. 71 top 5 finishes
iv. 94 top 10 finishes
v. c/w 12/13: 33% podiums, 11/12: 48% podiums, 10/11 54% podiums

b. Bears: 20 registrations c/w 16 last year

i. new rifles were a good addition
ii. lots of coaches really helped
iii. for next season: need more stands
iv. Lorraine to survey parents

c. Cadets: didn’t run program – local squadron commanding officer changed

d. Adv/Dev: 9 biathletes participated c/w 13 last year

i. Lorraine to survey parents

e. Adult: 5 participated c/w 4 last year

f. recommendation for athlete financial support for nationals/international race attendance, for Board consideration

i. need $3600 to provide $400 each for biathletes attending Nationals (4), $1000 each for biathletes attending international comps (2); Telemark Nordic Club provides $3000, need $3600 total, so would like to use $600 from Telemark Biathlon funds to provide full amount.

ii. Motion: to provide funding as per 1(f)( i): $400 each for Hailee, Jennah, Sam and Tekarra, and $1000 each for Jasper and Julia. Moved by Andrew, seconded by Richard, unanimously approved.

     g. Biathlon BC High Performance/Development/Talent Squad info

High Performance Squad Nominations: Jasper, Julia; Development Squad Nominations: Tekarra, Hailee, Sam, Jennah

2. Programs for 2014/15

a. practice times/days

i. consensus to start practice set-up at 6:00 pm on weeknights rather than 5:30 pm.
ii. assess if Bears could start at 12:30 pm on Saturdays (part of survey)

b. dryland training, including summer

i. determine if dryland training plan can be developed for Adv/Dev for May through September

3. Biathlon races for 2014/15

a. regional races – consensus that we should host again, timing depends on SLNC regional race date

b. Biathlon BC Cup – consensus not to host this season, need to focus on Canada Winter Games athlete prep, plus will likely have the BC Winter Games next season. Also xc Westerns likely at Telemark again, so don’t want to overload volunteer pool.

c. Western Champs – no dates yet

d. Canada Winter Games: Tekarra, Sam and Jennah have been nominated. Issues around nomination process discussed.

e. NorAms – no dates yet

f. Nationals – no dates yet

g. demo races – consensus to have at least 1 per month during ski season, similar format to last season.

4. Coaching opportunities for 2014/15

a. coaching expression of interest – this will go out soon.

b. possible coaching course – IC1 – need to determine if enough interested. Might need more coaches as some of our Bear coaches need to focus on CWG prep

5. Financial report

a. grants

i. $1500 from West Kelowna yet to come
ii. $1500 from BiBC (requires matching) now approved

b. raffle

i. $1200 less expenses yet to come from Telemark Nordic Club

6. 2014/15 Budget

a. The following items were approved:

 i. need to purchase two rifle cabinets
ii. need to purchase one Izhmash left hand rifle
iii. need to determine cost to provide concrete firing line retaining wall
iv. purchase promotional ski ties (50 at about $2 each)

7. Rifle purchases

a. left hand Izhmash as per above. Had several athletes sharing single left hand rifle this past season, 1 wasn’t enough.

8. Range upgrades and maintenance

a. need to finish timing hut (siding, deck, drywall, painting, flooring, doors and trim)

b. consider firing line development of concrete retaining wall – develop plan and get quote

c. need to refurbish all targets – maybe shut half of range down at a time over summer to complete. Check to see if Don can perform cleaning prior to work commencing. Bruce and Murray willing to oversee work, Richard to show them what needs to be done.

d. consider new lock protection system on firing line storage room

9. Rifle storage and maintenance

a. off season storage – plan under development

b. storage during season – options were discussed

c. cleaning and maintenance assignment – we didn’t get to this item but exec subsequently recommending all Izhmash be overhauled by local gunsmith over the summer

10. Tree planting

a. Heartland will allow us to do this again, along with x-c team. May 24/25 and June 7/8 are the weekends.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm

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