October 19, 2021

Telemark Biathlon Parent Committee Meeting

The meeting will be at Cathy’s house on Tuesday and all biathlon parents (Bears, Development and Advanced), coaches and Adult biathletes are encouraged to attend.  These are important meetings where we make decisions about our programs and facilities, so please make the effort to attend.  Feel free to bring a bit of food to share if you like!

Date: Tuesday, September 16th,  7:00 PM

Location: 1056 Avondale Place (West Kelowna)


  1. Programs for 14/15
  2. Program fees for 14/15
  3. Coaching update
  4. Approval of budget
  5. Election of officers
  6. Nomination of Board representative
  7. Annual Fall Camp planning
    • Dates
    • Tasks
    • Organizers
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